Frequently Asked Questions


Can children attend the show?
Due to the business nature and congestion at ISE, children under the age of 16 are not permitted to attend installation, show days or break down. Young adults aged 16-18 must register, pay appropriate fees and be accompanied by an adult.

Are there are any places to eat onsite?
Yes, there are several catering locations throughout the RAI venue.

Is there any place where I can access the internet at the show? WiFi?
For working space, internet access and charging area, you can visit the business lounge. Other WIFI areas are: Ruby Lounge, Park Foyer, Grand Café and the Holland Restaurant

How do I know if I have made all the necessary preparations?
Please refer to the Exhibitor Manual, read the Monthly Mailings, make sure all fields in the exhibitor area (dashboard) are completed.


Are there any discounted hotels near the RAI?
For hotel information, please click here

Are there any flight discounts?
For flight information, please click here

Will there be a shuttle bus service to the venue and back to hotel/airport?
Yes, the schedule will be published at a later time.


How can I register stand personnel?
You can register your stand personnel by following these steps:
Click on ‘For Exhibitors’ and Login with your login details
On the left-hand side menu, click on ‘Stand personnel registration’
Click on ‘Link to n200 registration portal’
Click on ‘Exhibitor personnel’ and finally click on ‘Register person

How can I register stand builder?
This information will be published at a later time.

When does registration open?
Registration opens on 1 October 2017.

What happens if I’ve registered but haven’t received my e-ticket by e-mail?
If you haven’t received a confirmation email with your e-ticket, please contact the Operations Office


Is there parking available?
For an overview map of the RAI, including the location of car parking places, click here

What are the costs for parking?
The parking tickets can be purchased on the ISE Webshop.

Can I leave the vehicle overnight?
Yes, only when buying a 24 hours parking ticket.

Exhibitor Tools

What is Visit Connect?
VisitConnect is the lead retrieval system offered at ISE. It allows you to store your leads by simply scanning the barcode on the person’s badge. For further information click here

How to get the VisitConnect?
You can get the VisitConnect lead retrieval system through the ISE Webshop.

What should I do when I can’t log into my account?
In the case where you cannot log into your exhibitor account, please contact the Operations office.

Why is the logo not visible in Exhibitor list (company profile)?
In order for your logo to be visible on the Exhibitor list, you must purchase the Extended Profile option. If you required more information, please contact Eventful Publishing.

Visa Requirements

How to get a visa to travel for ISE 2018?
If you required a visa for travel, you are able to opt for the choice of invitational visa letter while registering online. The letter will be directly sent to your e-mail address. For any questions regarding invitational visa letters, please contact the Operations Office.

Do I need a visa?
You will NOT need a visa for traveling within the EU if you are a citizen of an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland. If visiting for three months or less from the following countries you also do NOT need to obtain a visa: Turkey, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. In doubt? Please click here to see whether you require a visa.


What are the consequences if I miss a deadline?
For deadlines with regards to items that can be purchased on the ISE Website, you are able to order on-site. Be aware that you will need to pay with credit cards only. For deadlines regarding printed material, you must abide to the deadline.

Building/Stand Information

What is the maximum building height?
Walls can be at 4 metres high in situations where they are adjoining walls with neighbours. Once walls are set back into the stand space by 1 metre then they can be built at 7 metres. Island sites only can build at 7 metres high on their perimeter edge.

For information regarding the building height, please follow these steps:
Click on ‘For Exhibitors’ and Login with your login details
On the left-hand side menu, click on ‘Exhibitor Manuals
Click on ‘Building Rules & Regulations
You can find the information on page 3

What are the build-up and break-down hours?

Friday 2 February 07:00 – 0:00 hrs Build-up for all space only exhibitors/contractors
Saturday 3 February 07:00 – 0:00 hrs Build-up for all space only exhibitors/contractors
Sunday 4 February 07:00 – 0:00 hrs Build-up for all space only exhibitors/contractors

Decoration of shell scheme stands

Monday 5 February 07:00 – 16.00 hrs Build-up for all space only exhibitors/contractors

Decoration of shell scheme stands

Friday 9 February 16:00 – 17:00 hrs Removal of exhibits
Friday 9 February 17:00 –   0:00 hrs Dismantling of stands
Saturday 10 February 00:01 –   0:00 hrs Dismantling of stands
Sunday 11 February 07:00 – 18:00 hrs Dismantling of stands

How can I ship my merchandise safely to the Netherlands? Is there storage?
When sending boxes for delivery before 30 January 2018, please mail to:
CEVA Showfreight
Mr. Paul Strachan / ISE2018
ATTN: (include your exhibitor name and stand number)
Electronweg 16A
3542 AC
The Netherlands

For delivery on or after 30 January 2018, please mail to:
CEVA Showfreight
RAI Amsterdam / ISE2017
ATTN: (exhibitor name and stand number)
Wielingenstraat P9
1078 KK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Please refer to the Exhibitor Manual

How can I order technical facilities such as water and electricity and when do I have to do that?
You can order technical facilities through the ISE Webshop. You can order on-site, but be aware that you must pay with credit card only.


What seminars will be available at the show?
AVIXA and CEDIA seminars
Sports Venue Integration Summit
Smart Building Conference
Show Floor Theatres programme running throughout the whole show period
All other Exhibitors education sessions will be displayed on the website under ‘Education’

How do I become a speaker?
A ‘Call For Papers’ will be issued in mid-October 2017 giving exhibitors an opportunity to propose a session for one of the Show Floor Theatres.

Promotional Opportunities

What promotional opportunities are available at the show?
Please contact Ian Morrish for further information.