Exhibitor Power Speech

Monday 5 February 2018 | 16:00
First Floor Restaurant

Han Leenhouts – Motivational Speaker

We believe that it is very important to be well prepared for ISE, by understanding what to expect, so that your participation in the show is worthwhile as possible. With this in mind, ISE organises the Exhibitor Power speech for first and second year exhibitors.

At the Power speech, attendees will receive a warm welcome from Integrated Systems Events Managing Director, Mike Blackman, before meeting fellow first and second year exhibitors.

Important information about what to expect each day, the numbers of attendees visiting and the different events going on at ISE 2018 will ensure that attendees are ready for the show days ahead.

Together with professional motivational speaker, Han Leenhouts, we will make sure you are well prepared, motivated, inspired, and ready to have a successful show.

The Exhibitor Power Speech will end with drinks, snacks and networking.

first floor restaurant location