FIRA Barcelona
1-4 February 2022
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Unit 4 Church Meadows
CB22 7RGBarrington
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 01223 871015
Fax: +44 01223 871030

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Out Board TiMax


Innovators in live audio showcontrol, automation and vocal localisation. Products: TiMax2 SoundHub, a multichannel mix matrix and audio playback server for AV installations, attractions, corporate and themed environments and events. With routing, mixing, EQ, Grouping, delay-matrix for real-time audio localisation, multichannel audio playback, crossfade presets, networking and remote control. TiMax Tracker allows perfomer positions to control audio localisations, presets and multimedia effects.


  • Audio Processing
  • Audio Systems & Acoustics
  • Commercial
  • Show Control