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ILS - Intelligent Lectern Systems bv


ILS - Intelligent Lectern Systems shows its SYNERGY line of compact lecterns, the New IM Presenter integrated Lectern and new exchangeable platforms on adjustable pillars and cabinets, to hold pen and multi touch monitors or touch-PCs or presidential wood solutions. sho-Q 2020 new interactive teaching suite, annotate over any, save sessions, built in controls. ILS Lectern audio by Voicepoint Germany, all new ILS double media switcher & KVM switch. Lightspeed Classroom audio technology, Hovercam document cameras.


  • Presentation Systems
  • Streaming Media
  • Audio Systems & Acoustics
  • Furniture, Racks, Cases & Mounts
  • Interactive Display
  • Power Conditioning & Management
  • Commercial
  • Education Technology