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Oblong Industries´ innovative technologies change the way people work, create and communicate. With roots in more than two decades of research at the MIT Media Lab, Oblong´s flagship product, Mezzanine, is a visual collaboration solution that defines the next era of computing: multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, multi-location. Mezzanine´s groundbreaking Infopresence capabilities multiply the effectiveness of distributed organizations and catalyze effective, collaborative workflows.

The Mezzanine Series of solutions scales for every meeting, every team, every space. To experience Mezzanine first-hand, schedule a demo at www.oblong.com/demo. Oblong Industries is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in London, Munich, New York, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Altos and Barcelona. Oblong founder John Underkoffler provided the vision for the future of human computer interface to several film productions including Minority Report and Iron Man. What was once purely fiction is now a commercial reality with Mezzanine and its core platform, g-speak. IBM, NASA, PwC, JLL, Accenture, Boeing, Network Rail, Fujitsu, and Inmarsat are realizing the advantages of advanced collaboration with Mezzanine.


  • Commercial
  • Conferencing & Collaboration
  • Interactive Display
  • Presentation Systems
  • Wireless Communication