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Parque Industrial de Adaufe, Rua Soldado ManuelPinheiro Magalhaes, 68
4710-167 Braga

Phone: +351253265506

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Edigma/ Moviik


Edigma and Moviik will present a fully integrated solution to digitally optimize customer service at each touch point. We present an integrated platform that can be standard to any store in the world, no matter its vertical. The novelty is in the integration of Queue Management, Customer Experience, Digital Signage and Object Recognition, giving the customer an automated experience and integrated customer experience. Moviik and Edigma are part of the same group specialized in creating customer service experiences.


  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive Display
  • Large-Scale Display
  • Presentation Systems
  • Video Projection & Display
  • Virtual Augmented and Mixed Reality