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The Netherlands

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Like a genuine piece of art can evoke the special feeling of beauty and emotions. This philosophy is applied in the creation of every Kharma product by offering a window to the artistic performance. A perfect sound representation in a luxurious design with far-reaching attention to detail and technology, build with craftsmanship out of unique materials is what can be expected of Kharma.

Great Masterpieces are never created within a comfort zone. To be able to break boundaries you need to step out of the comfort zone, dare to dream and experiment. A Kharma product is a new level of sound quality and truly offers superior technology that pushes the limits of current high-end audio design. Let go, indulge and enjoy an endless journey beyond imagination.


  • Audio Guiding & Interpretation
  • Audio Processing
  • Audio Systems & Acoustics
  • Cabling, Connectors & Signal Management
  • Commercial
  • Furniture, Racks, Cases & Mounts
  • Home Cinema
  • Residential