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Funktion One Research Limited


Funktion-One is an innovative manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems. The company is driven by an unwavering desire to achieve the best possible audio quality regardless of the size or nature of the challenge at hand. Its technological approach avoids the use of system EQ and compression driver mid-range. Its loudspeaker systems - including Evo, Vero, bass and compact ranges maximise efficiency and have excellent directional control. Funktion-One enjoys success and notoriety in a range of markets.

Funktion-One understands sound to be the most important of our senses and, in fact, the root of the structure of the Universe. As such, the company pays the amazing acuity of human hearing the respect it deserves by providing products that deliver as much resolution and realism as possible. Almost all modern loudspeakers require significant preset or controller EQ. In contrast, it has always been the Funktion-One approach to design acoustically flat loudspeaker systems, requiring only crossover filters, relative delays and gains. The advantages of this approach are headroom preservation and system linearity, as well as subjectively clearer, more natural audio presentation.


  • Audio Systems & Acoustics
  • Home Cinema
  • Paging and Evacuation Systems