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BBS s.r.l.


BBS-Tecnologia di Buon Senso is an IT company with strong experience in software engineering, that develops and manages applications on different platforms for public and private customers.Many BBS´s projects received prizes and financial contributions from some leading public organizations - such as European Community and Regione Lombardia - for their high level of innovation.

BBS develops solutions mainly designed for tourism, culture and education, specialized in interactive multimedia technologies placed both in great public spaces (airports, shopping malls, fair and exposition centers, etc.) and at public authorities (Municipalities, Region, Mountain Communities, Consortiums,etc). BBS has created the Citylive® totem, protected by an European patented, the most efficient multifunction totem for office remote automation.A subsidiary always open with all the information and services for tourists and citizens, in one click!


  • Building Management
  • Commercial
  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive Display
  • Smart Building
  • Virtual Augmented and Mixed Reality