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Arthur Holm
Fatima 25
Sant Hipolit de Voltrega

08512 Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 8502376
Fax: +34 93 8502550

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Arthur Holm


Arthur Holm presents a range of professional solutions in which design and valued materials are combined to create a wide range of retractable, foldable, rotary and stationary monitors and solutions for conference and meeting rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, institutions and reception areas. Arthur Holm is the result of the combination of Scandinavian design and Mediterranean creativity. The company provides outstanding, elegant and award winning solutions with high flexibility in terms of a 100% customisation


  • Commercial
  • Conferencing & Collaboration
  • Furniture, Racks, Cases & Mounts
  • Interactive Display
  • Presentation Systems
  • Video Projection & Display