Exhibitor Press Releases

15.10.2019 | EAE Technology
Feel the difference of touchable KNX Thermostats & Switches!
We are welcoming our esteemed guests who will visit our booth with our renovated hotel, office and commercial building solutions.
04.10.2019 | Lumens Digital Optics Inc.
Lumens PTZ IP Camera and Camera Controller Help Facilitate Interpreters’ Programs at the G20.
G20 installed Lumens Integration VC-A50P PTZ IP cameras and paired them with the IP camera controller to capture the speakers’ movements and live stream videos to the interpreter’s screen, to improve the accuracy of translation in realtime.
04.10.2019 | Lumens Digital Optics Inc.
4K and 1080p resolution for AV over IP Solution
The VC-A61P with its 4K UHD ultra-clear video quality and a powerful 30x optical zoom capability, the camera can perfectly frame presenters and deliver outstanding detail and clarity to participants that are located far away.
02.10.2019 | MACmike
MACmike Wireless Microphone
WM110 is 2.4GHz tiny size transceiver. It can be using on speaker, mobile phones. For education, tour, camera, youtuber, etc.
17.09.2019 | aegis Multimedia Inc.
aegis' AV over IP (SDVoE) system
4KPROIP distribute uncompressed, zero latency, 4K resolution, 4:4:4 video, including HDR, multi-channel audio and system control over standard Ethernet infrastructure.
17.09.2019 | aegis Multimedia Inc.
aegis' Conference Converter Box
This box is easy to connect HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, VGA +3.5mm Audio, and Type-C to a HDMI devices which provides video and audio to the display or projector. The table box has an attractive finish that can match any conference room style.
17.09.2019 | aegis Multimedia Inc.
Introducing aegis' Multi-viewer series
aegis 4KVIEWER series is an advanced and high performance quad view system that allow users to manage up to 4 AV sources. It allows the user to connect and control up to 4 AV or 4 PCs switches via a single set of keyboard and mouse.
17.09.2019 | StarLeaf
As the Lights Dim on Skype for Business Teamline Protects Meeting Room Investments with its New Agno
Teamline gives the enterprise all it needs to join Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, Zoom, BlueJeans and StarLeaf meetings all from one agnostic meeting room solution built for Microsoft UC.
16.09.2019 | StarLeaf
StarLeaf recognized as a Visionary in the Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions
05.09.2019 | Seikaku Technical Group Ltd
1. Event 2K & 4K Premium Active Vertical Array Systems 2. KS HD Series High-Definition Active Enclosures & Subwoofers 3. DM24Rack, Expandable to 48x24 i/o digital mixing system
05.09.2019 | Shenzhen INNOTRIK Technology Co., Ltd
DAS-1066 interactive and recording system
Based on 3.5 analog audio connection or USB connection, DAS-1066 supports 2 wired ceiling microphoes,wireless handheld microphones/hanging wheat, local computer/MP3/tablet, active speakers,recording host, and video conferencing host.
05.09.2019 | Shenzhen INNOTRIK Technology Co., Ltd
HD Webcam with 2 wireless speakerphones I-1908
I-1908 is equipped with one 1080P camera and two 2.4G wireless speakerphone,enabling you to start a video meeting only by one USB cable. It is suitable for small to middle size conference as well as personal business, family and other occasion.
05.09.2019 | Shenzhen INNOTRIK Technology Co., Ltd
soundbar I-85/ Audio and Video conference phone
Auctopus I-85 is a video conference device integrated with 4 array microphones and HD wide-angle cameras. it is easy to deploy and operate,suitable for daily meetings, remote education and training.
02.09.2019 | Springbok Co., Ltd
New PA Driver: CS-55 of Springbok Co., Ltd.
New PA driver model released. Original structure design. Light weight yet powerful.
29.08.2019 | Linkx Electronics Co., Ltd
UR101/UR102 Wireless Microphone System
UR101/UR102 offers superior quality and legendary performance. It presents a unique and compact design, easy use interface and hidden integrated antenna, adequate for your professional vocal use.
28.08.2019 | Linkx Electronics Co., Ltd
Two way TG-288Dual Digital UHF Tour Guide System
TG-288D uses new Active Noise Cancellation technology to reduce unwanted surround noise or annoying sounds and benefits the listeners receive loud and clear messages.The two way duplex communication function allows receivers to have conversation.
28.08.2019 | Linkx Electronics Co., Ltd
AIRLINK 1 Wireless Audio Extender
The Linkx wireless audio extender AIRLINK 1, designed for concerts or live presentation of various sizes, is intended to replace the long, bulky speaker cables and simplify the installation and removal of speaker wiring.