Exhibitor Press Releases

09.02.2019 | Black Nova
Black Nova Partners With Crestron
Black Nova® proudly announces its strategic partnership with Crestron, the global leading Home Automation Group, and launches all its Touch Panel and Keypad collection, ARIA®, ALBA® and ANY®, with direct and full Cresnet connectivity.
08.02.2019 | Black Nova
ALBA, a Classic Design Reinvented
Black Nova® proudly announces ALBA®, its unique and stylish interpretation of modern keypads. ALBA, with its bold design and unique material, is the evolution of current keypads in terms of design, material combination and overall user experience.
07.02.2019 | Axis Communications
Axis Communications lanceert AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier
De AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier, gepresenteerd op ISE 2019, transformeert elke passieve luidspreker in een luidspreker voor netwerkaudio en biedt gebruikers de mogelijkheid om de luidsprekers van hun keuze te gebruiken.
07.02.2019 | DSpecialists GmbH
DSPECIALISTS expands sales network for HARVEY®
A.C. ProMedia, distributor of state-of-the-art products and technologies aimed at the install & Architainment markets, is honored to be selected as the exclusive North American Distributor for HARVEY® products.
07.02.2019 | Black Nova
ANY, Black Nova’s All-in-One New Touch Panel
Black Nova proudly launches its most design and innovative product, ANY, the evolution of current touch panels in terms of design, technology and overall user interface that fully embrace the IOT and AI universe.
07.02.2019 | crowdbeamer
The ultimate presentation system for conferences and events
Crowdbeamer ProAV is well suited to build a network of crowdbeamers, serving larger conference rooms. So, presenters can now even reach out to an audience of any size.
07.02.2019 | Omnitapps Multi-Touch Software
Unique touchscreen solutions in every shape and size
When it comes to presenting products and services, often a standard solution is chosen. Prestop creates unique touchscreen solution with different materials in every shape and size!
06.02.2019 | Seloy Live
Seloy Live glass tech creates mood to boost food flavours
Seloy Live is proud to announce that its SHADE electronically adjustable transparency glass technology is being utilised as part of the crEATe innovation ecosystem and ‘TestEat’ research and innovation pilot project restaurant.
06.02.2019 | Seloy Live
Seloy Live antibacterial surface heads up ISE 2019 showcase
Seloy Live, manufacturer renowned ‘Supercharged’ touch windows, is upping the ante again at this year’s ISE, following last year’s Best Of Show award for its SENSE solution and runner-up status in the annual Stand Design Awards awards.
06.02.2019 | Seloy Live
SENSE touch window fights germs with new coating
Seloy Live, manufacturer of innovative interactive glass is delighted to announce that its unique SENSE interactive touch window is now protected against bacteria and other germs thanks to the addition of Fineko’s Total Protect film coating.
05.02.2019 | Dataton
Olympic opening ceremony reaches new projection mapping heights with WATCHOUT
The 2018 Youth Olympic Games opening ceremony was the first in modern Olympic history to be held in a public location, not inside a stadium. This milestone event featured the 67.5 m tall Obelisco de Buenos Aires, mapped with Dataton WATCHOUT.
05.02.2019 | Dataton
Dataton launches new product, new booth and live blog at Integrated Systems Europe 2019
Dataton, the renowned AV technology manufacturer, will present a new series of media servers at ISE, launch a new booth concept and a live “blog” with a series of TechTalks by industry experts and other manufacturers.
05.02.2019 | intoPIX
Audinate adds intoPIX best-in-class JPEG2000 Technology to new Dante AV Product Design Suite
intoPIX, leading provider of innovative image processing technologies for professional media applications, announced that Audinate will use intoPIX’s ProAV optimized ultra-low-latency JPEG 2000 technology within their new Dante AV Design Suite
05.02.2019 | intoPIX
MuxLab Leverages intoPIX’s Ultra Low Latency JPEG 2000 to Manage 4K60 on 1GbE Networks
intoPIX, leading provider of innovative image processing technologies for professional media applications, announced today that MuxLab, is adopting their JPEG 2000 Ultra Low Latency technology for future AV over IP products.
05.02.2019 | intoPIX
intoPIX and Macnica preview a 4K AV over 1GbE Module powered by TICO-XS and ST 2110 IP Transport for
intoPIX SA, a leading provider of innovative image processing technologies for professional media applications, announced today that it is demonstrating TICO-XS on Macnica’s 4K AV over 1GbE module at ISE 2019.
05.02.2019 | Ashton Bentley Collaboration Spaces
Ashton Bentley introduce BYOD for Teams & other soft codecs
Ashton Bentley has enabled their meeting space systems to have both ‘traditional’ hardware codecs and BYOD laptops with soft codecs, installed and operational alongside each other.
05.02.2019 | Roland
Roland Launch V-600UHD at ISE 2019
Roland Delivers a Path to Full 4K Capabilities with V-600UHD Multi-format Video Switcher. The V-600UHD let users upgrade their events to 4K HDR one input at a time
05.02.2019 | NEC Display Solutions
NEC shows the future of digital signage, corporate meetings and large venue display at ISE 2019
Attendees invited to ‘Start Here’ on their journey to better audience engagement
05.02.2019 | Phonak Communications
Phonak - Because Every word counts
Discover the only wireless in-ear prompter to combine absolute discretion with unmatched digital audio quality. Only Phonak’s new Roger technology can give studio professionals an earpiece so tiny, a setup so easy, and audio so clear.
05.02.2019 | VDO360
VDO360 has built the first ClearwaterX, a seventh generation Intel NUC i5 computer in the same chassis as their unequaled USB PTZ camera, the CompassX.
04.02.2019 | KALYZEE
Kast -Take Your Professional Training Videos To The World With Click Of A Button
Kalyzee brings you Kast, a camera that enables users to live stream training videos and shared screens with the click of a button.
04.02.2019 | NEC Display Solutions
NEC announces new range of Direct View LED solutions for compelling impressions in any environment
NEC celebrates first anniversary of S[quadrat] acquisition with updated and new LED solutions portfolio
04.02.2019 | NEC Display Solutions
NEC portrays the future of laser projection at ISE 2019
Display experts showcase the latest in installation projectors, including technology-agnostic and ultra-quiet devices
04.02.2019 | Purelink GmbH
On the Threshold of a New Standard
Together with four other products using the Semtech chipset, the PureLink development IPAV Pro Series was part of an interoperability test held at Lang AG’s headquarters. A similar demo system will be exhibited on the the ISE in Amsterdam.
04.02.2019 | T1V
T1V Introduces ThinkHub xCanvas and ViewHub Touch Collaboration at ISE 2019
T1V is exhibiting at ISE 2019 for the first time in Stand 14-M228. Visit T1V to experience the latest innovations in collaboration and active learning technology, including ThinkHub xCanvas and ViewHub Touch.
Imecon's Smart City
Urban performances doesn't rely upon hard infrastructure alone anymore
04.02.2019 | Ashton Bentley Collaboration Spaces
Ashton Bentley deliver a revolutionary all-in-one Zoom Room experience
Looking to equip your meeting rooms with easy-to-use and integrated professional presentation & audio-videoconferencing systems?
Imecon. Spread technology.
Digital Transformation means the introduction of innovative technology in every field: technology available not only to experts and insiders, but to everyone during everyday life.
04.02.2019 | Purelink GmbH
PureLink GmbH: World’s first Rugged 10G Network Switch
Riding on the success of The IPAV Pro series of 10G rugged SDVoE products, PureLink now brings a 10G Network switch that can not only handle the 10GBASET data load required by SDVoE, but also has the professional connections you expect.
04.02.2019 | TUTONDO
Tutondo EVAC Speakers
Miraggio di Venezia (Evac), Aria di VE (Evac), Oli (Evac), Column Power speakers CP Evac
04.02.2019 | TUTONDO
Tutondo MODUS Lite
MODUS Lite Audio control Hi-Fi In-wall compact module with Bluetooth, DAB or USB control.
04.02.2019 | TUTONDO
Tutondo Voice Alarm Systems
MET8CV8, MET8CV4, MET6CB, Metcube compact.
04.02.2019 | Mitsubishi Electric Europe
Mitsubishi Electric extends 4DG range with seven new monitors to be launched at ISE 2019
Mitsubishi Electric will launch a major extension to its 4Diamond Grid range of control room display solutions at ISE 2019. The 4Diamond Grid portfolio now includes seven new LCD displays from 49” to 98” diagonal, plus tiled a videowall
04.02.2019 | Mitsubishi Electric Europe
Mitsubishi Electric launches new display range at ISE2019
Mitsubishi Electric will announce a major expansion of its 4Diamond Grid product line at ISE 2019, together with a number of significant enhancements to its existing range of control room display systems.
04.02.2019 | Morel
Integrating a high-quality speaker system in limited spaces can be very challenging and sometimes impossible. Well aware of this Morel decided to take up the challenge and developed a high-fidelity point-source speaker solution for an easy install.
04.02.2019 | Morel
NOMADIC AUDIO SPEAKASE - A smart traveler suitcase that is also a large Hi-Fi portable speaker
While nowadays music is available from any portable device, full- scale true high fidelity sound is still reserved for traditional stationary speakers. Now, with Nomadic Audio Speakase, also your music's Hi-Fi quality travels with you.
04.02.2019 | KLIK Communications
KLIK Launches WIZARD for Setup Automation
KLIK Wizard makes setup and configuration of the KLIK wireless presentation system easier than ever.
04.02.2019 | KLIK Communications
KLIK Takes Wireless Screen Sharing Mainstream with $149 KLIK STIK™
KLIK Communications launches small, affordable, wireless screen sharing device at ISE2019 in Amsterdam. The lightweight KLIK STIK measures less than 100 mm in length and plugs directly into an HDMI input on any display or projector.
03.02.2019 | Yamaha Commercial Audio
New SWP2 Series L2 Network Switches
Yamaha Launches New SWP2 Series L2 Network Switches At ISE 2019
03.02.2019 | Yamaha Commercial Audio
New Products and Updates at ISE 2019
Yamaha Launches New Products and Updates at ISE 2019
03.02.2019 | Yamaha Commercial Audio
RIVAGE PM V3.0 Firmware Upgrade
Yamaha Highlights RIVAGE PM V3.0 Firmware Upgrade At ISE 2019
03.02.2019 | Christie
Christie takes its customers into the future with Christie MicroTiles LED
Nearly a decade after the game-changing launch of Christie MicroTiles and myriad installations around the world, Christie now takes a bold step into the future with Christie MicroTiles LED.
02.02.2019 | EDBAK
EDBAK’s Newest AV Solutions at ISE 2019, Hall 5-S40
EDBAK will present the company’s newest line of aluminum products: VC trolleys, video walls for LCD & LED screens, projector mounts. Among them will be the brand new TRF100 universal interactive flipchart cart and an electric version of the ERM101
02.02.2019 | Giada
Intel’s Latest 8th Generation CPUs Power Giada’s New OPS Player
The PC68 is a high-end Coffee Lake PC that supports Intel’s (OPS) Open Pluggable Specification, providing easy upgrades, maintenance and ultra-high resolution graphics support.
02.02.2019 | Giada
Giada Releases D68 book-sized PC Powered by Intel’s Latest 8th-Gen Processors
Giada D68, the company's latest book-sized PC, ideal for signage player applications in hospitality, retail, commercial, service and advertising roles. This device brings organizations all the performance and efficiency of Intel Whiskey Lake CPUs...
02.02.2019 | Giada
Giada at ISE 2019 New Solutions Based on Latest Technology to Power DS Ecosystem
Giada, the number 1 media player brand in the German-speaking region in 2018, will display its high-performance media players with the latest x86 processors at booth 8-C460 during the ISE 2019 (Integrated Systems Europe) in Amsterdam.
01.02.2019 | Userful
Userful Accelerates Channel Focus through Launch of Visual Network Platform Architecture, Creating N
Userful announced today that it has expanded its channel program to name Kevin Dillion the VP Global Channels and Alliances and provide enterprise customers innovative visual communications solutions with a single software platform.
01.02.2019 | easescreen
ISE 2019: easescreen celebrates 20th anniversary and premiere of version X19
easescreen is taking the ISE as an opportunity to celebrate its 20th anniversary with its booth visitors. For the first time, the new easescreen version X19 with integrated sensor technology will be presented.
01.02.2019 | Sonus faber
McIntosh to Exhibit its recently announced New Line of Custom Install Products at ISE 2019
Multi-Channel Distribution Amplifiers and Series of In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers will be on display in McIntosh booth #14-C150.
01.02.2019 | Christie
Christie helps customers imagine the extraordinary, as it delivers the human touch at ISE
Christie helps move its valued partners and customers into the future of visual display and image processing
01.02.2019 | Sonifex
Sonifex Show New Dante® Interfaces at ISE 2019
At the end of last year Sonifex announced new Dante commentary units, which will be available in March 2019. At ISE stand 10-K167 Sonifex is launching its range of DIO Audiophile Dante® Interfaces which are Dante Domain Manager compliant.
01.02.2019 | Sonifex
Sonifex Show Multi-Channel Dante® Audio Interfaces at ISE 2019
At ISE stand 10-K167 Sonifex is launching its Multi-Channel Dante® Audio Interfaces, which are Dante Domain Manager compliant.
01.02.2019 | Sonifex
Sonifex Show New Dante Enabled Commentary Products at ISE 2019
Sonifex is showing its new Dante® commentary units, the AVN-CU2-DANTE for 2 commentators and the AVN-CU4-DANTE for up to 4 commentators on booth 10-K167 at ISE 2019.
01.02.2019 | Matrox Electronic Systems GmbH
Matrox Expands World-Class Video Wall Portfolio, Adds New SDI and DisplayPort Capture Card Options
Matrox Mura IPX 12G-SDI and Mura IPX 4K DisplayPort boards enable OEMs and system integrators with unparalleled input, encode, stream, record, and decode options to meet any capture and video wall requirement
01.02.2019 | Barco
Barco shapes the future at ISE
Innovation has been the lifeblood of Barco for over 85 years. This ongoing commitment to innovation and breakthroughs will again be on display at ISE 2019 at Hall 12, F100
01.02.2019 | Barco
4 new UDX projectors offer more lumens in compact format for live events
The UDX-32K was the world’s most compact high-brightness laser projector. Until now, because the company is introducing a 40,000-lumen version. Same format, more lumens
01.02.2019 | Barco
Gear up workforce and IT infrastructure for richer collaboration and prepare for the Future of Work
. Barco, global leader in meeting-room visualization technology, announces the release of two new enterprise products: a dedicated huddle proposition and a 4K collaboration solution.
31.01.2019 | Premier Mounts
Premier Mounts Launches Convergent Series at ISE 2019
Premier Mounts makes an anticipated return to ISE 2019 to help promote the global launch of their Convergent series of LED mounting solutions. Learn more about how to see the solution in person at ISE 2019.
31.01.2019 | Audix Corporation
Audix adds Dante and AES67 to their ceiling mics
Audix is adding the benefits of digital networking to their family of installed ceiling microphones, offering Dante and AES67 enabled versions of the M3 tri-element hanging microphone, the flush-mount M70, and the M55 hanging ceiling microphone.
31.01.2019 | Audix Corporation
Audix introduces M63 boundary microphone to its line of installed sound products
The M63 boundary microphone features the superb clarity of Micros™ technology, logic remote or local programmable functions, and a patent-pending internal shock-mount system that reduces surface vibrations.
31.01.2019 | APANTAC
Apantac Showcases HDMI 2.0 Multiviewer for 4K/UHD at ISE 2019
The UE is an HDMI 2.0 Multiviewer for 4K/UHD visual monitoring environments.
31.01.2019 | APANTAC
Apantac Demonstrates Extended Line-up of KVM over IP Extenders at ISE 2019
The KVM over IP extender/receiver sets are used as point-to-point HDMI/DVI/VGA video, audio, USB and RS232 extension solutions. Alternatively, these solutions can be used as a KVM over IP matrix when multiple sets are connected via an IP switch. In
31.01.2019 | Dataton
Dataton reveals new series of high-performance media servers
Dataton will unveil the WATCHPAX 60 series of high-performance media servers at ISE, 12 E90. With the very latest processor technology under the hood, robust exterior and redundant power supply, the new 2U series is ideal for demanding applications.
31.01.2019 | Joan
Visionect's e-ink display helped save $167m in 2018
Joan, the award-winning meeting room booking solution, helped companies like Microsoft, KFC, Virgin and Siemens save time and money, making their workplace more efficient and productive.
31.01.2019 | Audinate
Audinate Adds Video to Dante with All-New Dante AV Module
Dante AV is a first-of-its-kind integrated audio and video-over-IP solution for manufacturers that brings to video all the benefits that have made Dante the market leading audio over IP solution.
31.01.2019 | Distec GmbH
Focus on customized hardware solutions for TFT displays at ISE 2019
As a reliable partner for digital signage system integrators Distec will be focusing on customized hardware solutions for TFT displays for industrial, business and retailing applications.
31.01.2019 | Distec GmbH
Kompetenz bei passgenauen Kundenlösungen
Als zuverlässiger Partner für Digital Signage-Systemintegratoren präsentiert die Distec GmbH ihr Portfolio an kundenspezifischen Hardware-Lösungen rund um TFT-Displays für Industrie, Gewerbe und Einzelhandel
31.01.2019 | OneAV - PureLink GmbH / HDANYWHERE
Professional Multifornat over HDBaseT® Signal Management
The transmission of A/V signals in the best quality over longest distances is the technical challenge - and the objective. UHD multimedia content needs to be transmitted without loss of quality. Maximum bandwidth and range are essential.
31.01.2019 | OneAV - PureLink GmbH / HDANYWHERE
Avoid the Cliff Effect - With an Active HDMI 2.0 Cable
PureLink presents the new cable generation from the PureInstall series at ISE 2019. PI2010 are active HDMI cables, equipped with a new generation of signal amplification electronics.
31.01.2019 | OneAV - PureLink GmbH / HDANYWHERE
The IPAV Pro Family - At the Vanguard of this AV Paradigm Shift
Product performance in AV over IP, previously unheard of - High density I/O with broadcast standard reliability and all the flexibility of the Network approach.
31.01.2019 | DISPLAYMEDIA
DISPLAY MEDIA has imagine an innovating range of digital solutions which improve your sales and your marketing strategy. Find our interactive and touch kiosks, tables, touchscreens and all others solutions for your companies and services.
31.01.2019 | LDA Audio Tech
LDA ONE system obtains EN 54-16 and EN 54-4 certificates
The new PA/VA solution of the Spanish company becomes the most compact on the market compliant with both international standards
31.01.2019 | TELEPORTIVITY
Technology partner TELEPORTIVITY set to stun with game-changing product launch at ISE 2019
Today, Teleportivity announced that ISE 2019 would be the launch ground for their newest patent-pending product QRideo – a radical print-and-place QR system, designed as a live video help desk solution.
30.01.2019 | Neets
Neets :: Diving into the mind of the user
In the past years, Neets has invested heavily in Design Thinking and is now focusing on creating even greater products, driven by the needs of users and customers. Neets dedicates a part of the ISE 2019 stand to doing Design Research with visitors.
30.01.2019 | Neets
Next generation intuitive AV control, designed to make easy look good
Neets launches a next generation keypad, Neets Control – UniForm, in their renowned keypad range. The new keypad introduces E-ink labeling technology for easy, hassle-free installation - a minimalistic design, rooted in Danish design traditions.
30.01.2019 | Neets
Join Neets at ISE 2019
This year, Neets presents its newest products, including a next generation keypad AV control system, an extension to the Touch Panel range, and a brand-new video conferencing product concept with crisp audio and intelligent control.
30.01.2019 | Basalte
New iPad docks by Basalte are now shipping
At ISE, Basalte announced its new Eve Plus iPad docks are now shipping. These wall and table docks are made of high-quality finishes in a minimalist design. Eve Plus can be used for a variety of applications with iPads in homes, hotels and offices.
30.01.2019 | Basalte
Basalte Home KNX server now available
At ISE, Basalte announced that its new KNX visualisation, Basalte Home, is now available. This comprehensive system combines a design user interface with all needed functions & features for KNX homes.
30.01.2019 | Generation Numerique publisher of Mediakwest & Sonovision
Génération Numérique, an information and networking ecosystem with positive fallout
Génération Numérique is a “360° agency” active in publishing (press and books), counseling, and event planning for the technical industries of film, television, and new media
30.01.2019 | Yamaha Unified Communications
Yamaha Commits to Unified Communications Business in Europe
Yamaha has announced the establishment of its UC European business function in Yamaha Music Europe in April 2019. This new channel will provide customers in the region with a stronger sales network, wider product lineup, more support and service.
29.01.2019 | T1V
T1V to showcase ThinkHub collaboration and ThinkHub Connect active learning software solutions at IS
T1V is exhibiting at ISE 2019 for the first time in Stand 14-M228. Visit T1V for the latest innovations in BYOD collaboration & active learning technology, including ThinkHub, ThinkHub xCanvas, ThinkHub MultiSite, ViewHub Touch, & ThinkHub Connect.
29.01.2019 | tvONE
CORIOview 4K Multi-Window Processor at ISE 2019
29.01.2019 | tvONE
CORIOmaster Enhancements coming to ISE 2019
29.01.2019 | Metra Home Theatre
Metra Home Theater Group® Showcases 24Gbps HDMI® Cables at ISE 2019
MHTG is showcasing more than 50 HDMI® cable products with 24Gbps bandwidth at booth 1-Q80 at ISE. These higher bandwidth cables support 4K/60,10bit, 4:4:4 and are compatible with the new enhanced audio return channels (ARC and eARC) and more.
29.01.2019 | ANALOG WAY
Analog Way unveils new LivePremier™ series of ultra-powerful 4K/8K live presentation systems
At ISE 2019, Analog Way will introduce its new range of modular and scalable 4K/8K multi-screen presentation systems and videowall processors, dedicated to high-end staging and premium system integration.
29.01.2019 | Oray / Erard Pro
New model of the "Polichinelle" screen
To answer all types of requests, we have developed a second version of the projection screen Polichinelle.
29.01.2019 | Oray / Erard Pro
ORAY Projection Systems and custom manufacturing
Since 1947, ORAY Projection Systems specializes in design, manufacturing and marketing projection screens and audiovisual accessories.
29.01.2019 | Oray / Erard Pro
New brochure, 100% digital
The ORAY Projection Systems team will be pleased to provide the new product catalogs in digital format.
29.01.2019 | G2 Digital Video Ltd
G2 Digital set to launch new Fanless NUC PC at ISE 2019
G2 Digital is delighted to announce the release of its latest Rack PC, the Fanless NUC.
29.01.2019 | Euromet
Arakno is engineered for compact strength and is designed with superior grip adjustment knobs to deliver the easiest fine-tuning for precise image alignment, with the capacity to hold up to a 45Kg (100 lbs.) multimedia projector.
29.01.2019 | Movecat GmbH
Movecat I-Motion System Controller Expert-T III
Movecat's I-Motion system controller Expert-T III State-of-the-art solution for complex kinetic applications
29.01.2019 | Movecat GmbH
Movecat Touring Rack
Movecat wins P.I.P.A. Award 2018 for Touring Rack 2
29.01.2019 | Movecat GmbH
Movecat Chain Hoist PROstage
Movecat presents the new PROstage range of lightweight chain hoists
29.01.2019 | Ventuz Technology
Ventuz Technology Invites Select Hardware and Agency Partners to Their Booth at ISE 2019
In order to bring the finest 3D real-time installation work to their booth at ISE 2019, software developer Ventuz Technology has partnered up with hardware vendors and content agencies.
29.01.2019 | Ventuz Technology
Ventuz Technology to Show Interactive Presentation Techniques at ISE 2019
Developer of data-driven real-time solutions Ventuz Technology will illustrate their software’s extensive interaction capabilities by installing a number of touch-based applications on their booth at ISE 2019.
29.01.2019 | Digital Projection
Digital Projection Invites Visitors to ‘Experience the Power’ at ISE 2019
– Digital Projection reaffirms their leadership position in the displays market with an ISE booth packed with innovation and differentiated products on booth 1-F70
28.01.2019 | Memphis Audiovisual
Amina offer preconfigured 4 channel fixed install amplifier.
The 1U high, rack mount Amina A100Q features no end user controls ensuring complete system security within fixed installations. Amina will individually configure the unit to match integrators desired system architecture prior to shipping.
28.01.2019 | Sodaclick
Sodaclick ISE 2019 Launch
Sodaclick Ltd. a new contender in the digital signage market, will be debuting its much anticipated cloud based SaaS for dynamic content creation at the ISE 2019 in Amsterdam.
28.01.2019 | Memphis Audiovisual
Amina lauch smallest invisible speaker
At just 200mm wide, 450mm high and 78mm deep, the new Amina Mobius1 provides full range, ultra-wide dispersion sound reproduction, generating rich warm tones from a device that is completely invisible in application.
28.01.2019 | Cabletime Ltd.
Cabletime presents new updates to customisable IPTV streaming and digital signage solutions at ISE 2
We will be taking advantage of ISE 2019 to show new solutions and feature updates to our IPTV, streaming and digital signage solutions.
28.01.2019 | StormAudio
StormAudio Makes its Mark at ISE 2019
StormAudio to Exhibit Full Hardware Range, Host Home Theater Demos with Alcons Audio and M&K Sound, Integrates Dirac Live Calibration Tool 2.0 Across all Processors
28.01.2019 | Elo Touch Solutions
Advancing its commercial-grade Android and Windows leadership in POS and self-service with new products, Elo debuts EloPOS™ System and Elo PayPoint® Plus for Windows
26.01.2019 | Trinnov Audio
Trinnov Audio : The Ultimate Home Cinema Experience
Trinnov and Procella have once again pushed the boundaries of immersive audio in the residential domain, this year at ISE we wanted to demonstrate what immersive audio really sounds like over a unique 21.4.10 speaker layout.
25.01.2019 | RGB Spectrum
See the Latest in Wall Processing and Networked AV
The upcoming ISE show, the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration professionals, will attract over 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees in Amsterdam on February 5-8. In Hall 14, stand M220, RGB Spectrum
25.01.2019 | Euromet
EUROMET products are inside the great hystory, they are inside the Coliseum of Rome,
25.01.2019 | Euromet
EUROMET for Installer oriented solution
Euromet products thanks the efficiency, symplicity and durability allow the installer to use less time to achieve their best success
25.01.2019 | Origin Acoustics LLC
Origin Acoustics New Marquee Home Theater Collection
New Reference Cinema Speakers from OA
25.01.2019 | Origin Acoustics LLC
Origin Acoustics Seasons Bollard Outdoor Speaker
New outdoor Bollard from OA
25.01.2019 | Origin Acoustics LLC
Origin Acoustics Joins The CEDIA Designer Software and Database
PR Regarding OA joining TCD
25.01.2019 | Ashton Bentley Collaboration Spaces
ISE Select Ashton Bentley for Systems Install at their HQ
Based upon previous installations of Ashton Bentley systems at their Munich HQ, ISE approached Ashton Bentley to review and update their presentation and videoconference requirements.
25.01.2019 | IAdea Corporation
IAdea and Concierge Displays take room booking to the next level at Monash University’s new Learni
The display itself (IAdea XDS-1078) is a 10-inch wall-mounted unit which sits outside each room in the precinct. All upcoming bookings for rooms are listed on the display, while its color dictates the current status of the room at Monash University.
25.01.2019 | IAdea Corporation
IAdeaCare™ Now Available through IAdea Authorized Distributors and Resellers
IAdeaCare, a device intelligence and management service, is available through IAdea authorized distributors and resellers. Now for sale, IAdeaCare helps ensure digital signage deployment runs reliably as planned.
25.01.2019 | Userful
Userful Launches the First Visual Networking Platform Architecture for Enterprise Communication and
First Hardware-Free Video Wall Solution with Smart LG webOS Signage Displays To be Demonstrated by Userful at 2019 ISE and DSE Conferences
24.01.2019 | Unique Business Systems
R2 Rental Operations Management Software
The Best Software for Equipment Rentals, Labor Scheduling and Inventory Maintenance.
24.01.2019 | Liberty AV Solutions
Liberty AV Announces Rollout of Digital Media Services
Liberty AV will now offer Digital Signage Solutions by Novisign, complimenting Liberty’s NEW DigitaLinx digital signage hardware offering and high-powered cable offerings.
24.01.2019 | SDVoE Alliance
SDVoE Alliance Celebrates Second Anniversary Milestones
Designers, integrators and end users are embracing SDVoE technology. There are now 40 members, 158 interoperable shipping products, 300 Certified Design Partners and more than 150,000 SDVoE-based AV endpoints set to deploy in 2019
24.01.2019 | SDVoE Alliance
LANG AG and SDVoE Alliance Demonstrate Interoperability
Standard SDVoE platform unites more than 158 AV products for matrix switching, AV processing and AV over IP. Interoperability demonstrations will be featured on both the LANG AG stand 1-H50 and the SDVoE™ Alliance stand 3-B150.
24.01.2019 | SDVoE Alliance
SDVoE Alliance Introduces World’s First Ethernet Switch with Integrated HDMI at ISE 2019
The SDVoE™ Alliance is featuring the world’s first implementation of HDMI™ connectivity within an Ethernet switch. HDMI input and output modules plug directly into NETGEAR M4300-96X 10G Modular Managed Switches.
24.01.2019 | Clevertouch
The Clevertouch Enterprise Ecosystem for the agile workspaceLaunching at ISE
The ‘Enterprise Ecosystem', an all-one-solution designed for the agile workspace. A real-time collaborative platform that enables participants to work together seamlessly in an open environment no matter where they are located.
24.01.2019 | Clevertouch
Celebrating 10 Years of Clevertouch
Champagne corks will be popping on the Clevertouch stand this year, as the company celebrates the 10th anniversary since the launch of its flagship touchscreen.
24.01.2019 | Pan Acoustics GmbH
Pan Acoustics refines loudspeakers with AMT tweeters from Mundorf
The Pan Speaker series from Pan Acoustics has always delivered a high level of intelligibility and musicality in an architect friendly form factor. With the introduction of a new AMT version this series now offers a new level oof audio quality.
24.01.2019 | Screen Excellence
At ISE 2019 Audio Excellence to Disclose UFO Product
An Out-of-This-World Sonic Concept For Large TVs and Solid Film Screens
24.01.2019 | IAdea Corporation
IAdea Adds Samsung MagicINFO™ as Premier Software Partner and Provides Bundle Solutions
IAdea, announces support for the MagicINFO content management software (CMS) by Samsung as its Premier Software Partner. This global collaboration enables system integrators to incorporate new all-in-one smart displays with MagicINFO built-in.
23.01.2019 | Williams AV
NEW from Williams Sound... The WaveCAST assistive listening system
Williams Sound is pleased to introduce WaveCAST, the next generation of Wi-Fi-delivered assistive listening systems. WaveCAST brings a truly professional DSP audio platform to the market, where digital signal processing provides spectacular audio qu
23.01.2019 | Williams AV
NEW from Williams AV... BluePOD Bluetooth Audio Conferencing Systems
The BluePOD™ systems from Williams AV are ready to revolutionize the world of audio and video conferencing with the innovative integration of Bluetooth® technology.
23.01.2019 | WolfVision GmbH
WolfVision launches Cynap Pure wireless presentation system at ISE 2019.
WolfVision, the manufacturer of presentation and collaboration solutions, announces an important extension to its Cynap system portfolio. The new vSolution Cynap Pure wireless presentation system will be introduced at this year’s ISE show.
23.01.2019 | NorthVision International Co. Ltd.
NorthVision and Epatra announce strategic partnership
Vancouver, November 2018: NorthVision Technology Inc. and Epatra B.V. are pleased to announce that formed a strategic partnership whereby NorthVision Wireless Presentation Systems (VisionShare) will be distributed in the Netherlands..etc. by Epatra.
23.01.2019 | syscomtec Distribution AG
syscomtec Distribution with powerful AV Products at ISE 2019
At ISE syscomtec represents leading companies such as Bluefin, BrightSign, CYP Europe, easescreen, i3-Technologies, Icron Technologies, Kramer, Ophit, ProDVX, and RGB Spectrum.
23.01.2019 | syscomtec Distribution AG
syscomtec mit leistungsstarken AV-Produkten auf der ISE 2019
Stand E120, Halle 8: Innovationen aus den Bereichen Signalmanagement, Übertragungstechnik und Digital Signage. Produkte führender Unternehmen wie BrightSign, CYP Europe, i3-Technologies, Icron Technologies, Kramer, Ophit, ProDVX und RGB Spectrum.
22.01.2019 | Black Box
Black Box to exhibit its latest innovative AV signal distribution and wireless colaboration technolo
At ISE 2019, Black Box will showcase reliable, high-performance solutions for modern IP-based and 4K AV visualisation and distribution. Black Box experts will demo solutions for conference rooms and education, digital signage, and control rooms.
22.01.2019 | Epiphan Video
Crestron adds video Control Module for the Epiphan Pearl family of video encoders
Epiphan Video announces the first-ever Crestron Control Module for the Pearl family of all-in-one video production systems.
22.01.2019 | Matrox Electronic Systems GmbH
Matrox to Power Ground-Breaking AV-over-IP Ecosystems and Workflows at ISE 2019
Setting a new standard with best-in-class AV/IT signal distribution and management on standard one Gigabit Ethernet networks
21.01.2019 | RTI
RTI Launches Multi-Tiered RTIXCEL Training Program
Comprehensive Program Offers RTI Dealers an Extensive Set of Training Options to Fit Their Schedules
21.01.2019 | RTI
RTI Builds Momentum in Commercial Market
RTI ISE 2019 Highlights Include New VXU-SC Video Conferencing Solution, Miravue VIP-1 Video-Over-IP System, and Handheld and Touchpanel Control Interfaces
21.01.2019 | Prismaflex International
Prismaflex International recently acquired 50% of the American firm Anthem Displays LLC.
21.01.2019 | Prismaflex International
Once again, Prismaflex International will be exhibiting at ISE, one of the largest and most reputed digital shows. The opportunity for them to display their unmatched expertise in LED module integration.
21.01.2019 | Waapiti
Waapiti launches its fully customizable partner program
Waapiti has introduced its new partner program, providing a long-term and complete solution for AV integrators, hardware suppliers and resellers with useful and optional advantages.
18.01.2019 | AMC Baltic
AMC Baltic launches iMIX 5 audio zone router
AMC Baltic, manufacturer of professional speakers and electronic, presents its latest solution for audio zone routing and paging.
17.01.2019 | MuxLab
4K Content Streaming Championed by MuxLab
MuxLab makes it easy to stream 4K AV anywhere with its new 4K AV over IP Transmitter supporting the H.264/265 video codec.
17.01.2019 | MuxLab
MuxLab's New DomoStream Delivers Stunning 4K Video over an IP Network with Support for All Audio Fo
DomoStream was developed to provide a high quality, cost-effective way to deliver 4K content anywhere. DomoStream can also satisfy commercial applications that demand the latest in audio/video technologies.
17.01.2019 | ARX Systems
ARX Systems launch ZoneMix Multimedia Zone Mixer
Introducing the new ZoneMix from ARX Systems - the 1RU Multimedia Zone Mixer with all the inputs and outputs you’ll need – and more!
17.01.2019 | Optoma Europe
Optoma to showcase its latest developments in LED display, laser and 4K projection at ISE 2019
Optoma, will return to ISE 2019 with its biggest stand to date. Showcasing its latest solutions in hall 1, stand 1-F90, Optoma will demonstrate its revolutionary new QUAD LED display solution, interactive flat panels (IFPDs),professional and...
17.01.2019 | Optoma Europe
Optoma to reveal flagship LED display ‘QUAD’ series at ISE 2019
Optoma, number one DLP® projector brand in EMEA*, today announced it will return to ISE 2019 to showcase its latest solutions to include its revolutionary new QUAD series - an innovative all-in-one LED display solution.
17.01.2019 | Collab Advisor Ltd
CentrePoint Platform Overview - Collab Advisor
Read about the highlights of our flagship software CentrePoint. A web platform to manage global construction projects efficiently providing all the necessary information to the project team and contractors.
17.01.2019 | G2 Digital Video Ltd
Reverse-mount PCs simplify the lives of AV and digital media professionals
AV and digital media specialist, G2 Digital has further enhanced its product line-up with an important design change that enables several of their leading products to be reverse-mounted.
17.01.2019 | WeDoInnov
The Most Powerful All-in-one Windows Video Conference Endpoint is going to Meet You at ISE 2019!
On ISE 2019, WeDoInnov will have its latest creation-an all-in-one Windows video conference endpoint HD9Pro released. Come to 15-D375 to be the early bird to enjoy this new creation for huddle and medium rooms video conferencing especially!
17.01.2019 | AKOUSTIC ARTS
The Directional Sound Speaker "A" By Akoustic Arts
The directional speaker « A » creates a very precise beam of sound in which you will be able to play your audio contents without additional noise.
17.01.2019 | Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd.
Amphion Krypton3: Super AV Magazine (China) ‘Popularity Award’
Amphion's Krypton3 has been awarded a ‘Popularity Award’ for Outstanding Excellence by Super AV magazine in China. The magazine has a more than 25-year history and is considered among the most influential media in the Chinese-speaking region.
17.01.2019 | Yamaha Unified Communications
Yamaha UC Transforms the Meeting Experience at ISE 2019
Yamaha UC’s Robust Portfolio of Collaboration Solutions Delivers Excellent Audio and Video in Any Collaboration Environment. Visit Yamaha UC at ISE 2019 on Stands 11-F120 and 11-G120!
16.01.2019 | Sound Control Technologies
The RC7-CQC supports the Cisco Quad Camera and Codec Pro, Codec Plus and SX80 codecs.
16.01.2019 | Sound Control Technologies
Sound Control Technologies introduces the new RC7-PD2. The RC7-PD2 supports the Polycom EagleEye Director II and Group Series codecs.
16.01.2019 | Sound Control Technologies
Sound Control Technologies introduces the new industry exclusive RCL-PRO™. The RCL-PRO™ supports the Logitech Group and PTZ Pro 2.
16.01.2019 | DSpecialists GmbH
DSPECIALISTS product family HARVEY® on further development course
The product business of DSPECIALISTS is extended by the presentation of another variant of the audio and media control matrix "HARVEY AMP" and the new configuration software HYPERMATRIX®
16.01.2019 | VITEC
VITEC Streamlines IPTV, Digital Signage, and Video Wall Workflows at ISE 2019
VITEC’s Professional, Broadcast-Grade EZ TV IPTV and Digital Signage Ecosystem Allows Organizations to Drive High-Quality, Eye-Catching Experiences to Any Display
16.01.2019 | tvONE
tvONE ISE 2019 Preview Press Release
16.01.2019 | Arthur Holm
Arthur Holm, improving user experience with superb design
Arthur Holm is presenting an impressive new collection of amazing products for huddle, meeting and boardrooms as well as reception areas during the 2019 Integrated Systems Europe exhibition, at the booth 11-F155. You can not afford to miss them!
16.01.2019 | Coda Audio
A class on its own - 3 new compact subwoofers that provide powerful low frequency response. A perfect extension for the existing CODA AUDIO sound systems which can be used in a variety of installation and mobile applications.
16.01.2019 | Axis Communications
Axis Communications präsentiert Netzwerk-Audio-Lösungen
Vom 5. bis 8. Februar 2019 präsentiert Axis Communications in der RAI Amsterdam eine Vielzahl von intelligenten Netzwerk-Audio-Lösungen. Am Axis Stand in Halle 9/Stand B146 sind Live-Demos der neuesten Netzwerk-Audio-Lösungen zu sehen.
16.01.2019 | ISINAC
A new patented of a simple system for reduce the noise trough the parasols which are used in the pub and restaurants terraces.
16.01.2019 | TrueConf
TrueConf and Sennheiser to Deliver Multiple Camera Control System for Large Conference Rooms
TrueConf, a video conferencing vendor, announced a technology partnership with Sennheiser. Together, they are offering a software system for large conference rooms that allows automatic speaker tracking for multiple PTZ cameras.
16.01.2019 | TrueConf
TrueConf Releases an Open Source Application for Video Enabled Kiosks
Harnessing the power of the open-source developer community, TrueConf has released the TrueConf Kiosk source code. TrueConf aims at making video kiosk software more accessible by providing an open source application for customer service.
16.01.2019 | TrueConf
TrueConf Announces Its Participation at ISE 2019
TrueConf, a video conferencing and collaboration provider, has announced its participation in ISE 2019. Visitors to TrueConf’s booth 11-C160 will have the opportunity to experience the latest company’s products and solutions first hand.
16.01.2019 | Newline Interactive, Inc
Newline Will Present the New NWC at ISE 2019
Newline is gearing up to showcase the latest solution in interactive display technology, the NWC. Designed to unleash creativity and upturn the way teams work!
15.01.2019 | Clair Brothers
Clair Brothers C12 Exclusive Choice by Vtecnics and Prase Media Technologies for elrow's Best Sound
For the 8th anniversary of the Barcelona elrow show, Clair Brothers distributors/partners in Spain (Vtecnics) and Italy (Prase Media Technologies) collaborated using C12 line array system for all three stages.
15.01.2019 | Clair Brothers
Clair Brothers Powers Garth Brooks at First Concert in Notre Dame History
The core of the stadium rig is the Clair Brothers i218 line array system that has been increased in size to cover stadiums in-the-round. The Notre Dame concert used a total of 96 i218 array cabinets and 48 i212 cabinets in the main array.
15.01.2019 | Clair Brothers
Clair Brothers ONE Series Monitors Bring Fresh Sound to Jazz at Carthage Festival
For this grand event’s 13th iteration, the organizers of Jazz at Carthage Jazz Festival decided that the time was long overdue to upgrade the monitors on both its stages. And for that, the Clair Brothers 1AM and 1.5AM were the unanimous choices.
15.01.2019 | Sonance
Sonance Professional Series
15.01.2019 | Peerless-AV
Outdoor AV put to the test on Peerless-AV’s stand at ISE 2019
Peerless-AV will showcase its Outdoor AV expertise at ISE 2019 with new High Bright Displays, Kiosk solutions and LED concepts for outdoor digital signage. The Xtreme range will be put to the test in various impact and water demonstration scenarios.
15.01.2019 | Peerless-AV
Peerless-AV’s New Smart City Kiosk Offers All-Weather Rated, Elegant Design
Peerless-AV has announced its new, outdoor Smart City Kiosk. A modern, approachable and practical digital signage solution, the Kiosk combines functionality and aesthetics, and can endure the rigours of everyday use.
15.01.2019 | Lumi Legend Corporation
A Monitor Arm with Ample Reach and Increased Maneuverability
LUMI LEGEND CORPORATION (LUMI), China’s #1 manufacturing exporter of mounting and ergonomic technology products, introduces the latest in display mounting technologies at ISE 2019.
14.01.2019 | Bose Professional
Bose Professional Integrates Dante™ Technology into PowerShare Amps with new PS404D and PS604D Mod
Bose Professional will be introducing the most products (at one time) in the division’s history including the PS404D and PS604D PowerShare amplifiers featuring integrated Dante audio networking for increased connectivity.
14.01.2019 | ablio
At ISE 2019 Ablio launches ablioconference, a complete system which uses only standard computers to deliver simultaneous translations to audiences on their own mobile devices through the Internet or self-managed Wi-Fi networks.
14.01.2019 | Addreality
Everybody get ready: how Digital technologies will change Physical Stores in the next 5 years
The Addreality platform recognizes, engages customers and influences their behavior to increase traffic and sales using the AI-based campaign management platform and computer vision to bring intelligence to in-store displays.
14.01.2019 | MODULO PI
Modulo Pi pushes limits of real-time interactive media servers with new version of Modulo Kinetic
Modulo Pi is pleased to announce a new version of Modulo Kinetic. The ultimate media server takes real-time simulation, interactivity, and tracking to the next level with a new upgrade that will be introduced at ISE 2019 in booth K135, Hall 14.
14.01.2019 | BenQ Europe B.V.
Leap into the Future of Display Solutions with BenQ at ISE 2019
BenQ, the internationally renowned display solution provider, will be exhibiting its cutting-edge software and hardware options for the AV industry at ISE 2019.
14.01.2019 | JWIPC
Smart Retail
Matching the retail industry’s need for more intelligent and diversified development trends, JWIPC will release the new K- and M-series retail PC boxes at ISE 2019.
14.01.2019 | LINDY
Collaborate in perfect- AV harmony
Make the most of huddle spaces and enhance productivity by reducing wasted time connecting different devices - introducing the Lindy switching Presentation scaler with table grommet kit.
12.01.2019 | Audix Corporation
Audix M65 Desktop Mic - Machined Gooseneck Alternative
The M65 is a machined rigid tube desktop microphone for education, conference rooms and government applications. The M65 features a Micros™ hypercardioid condenser capsule with an innovative socket swivel. Precision smooth and quiet. Made in USA
11.01.2019 | ECLER
Case of study #1 - AluaSoul Mallorca Resort Audio Installation
The sound system installation has been set up using Ecler devices entirely. The hotel requirements included managing 3 different types of background music, paging console and prerecorded voice messages.
11.01.2019 | ECLER
Ecler will simply amaze you at ISE 2019 with its new AV Experience
As a part of a constant innovation process, full AV integration becomes crucial nowadays. Acknowledging this, Ecler expands its catalogue introducing two new product divisions: Ecler ACOUSTICS and Ecler VIDEO SYSTEMS.
11.01.2019 | Allsee Technologies
Allsee Technologies Unveils Brand New Digital Signage Solutions at ISE 2019
Preview the new solutions we will be exhibiting at ISE 2019.
11.01.2019 | Allsee Technologies
Allsee Technologies Announces Expansion Plans for 2019
Read more about our global expansion plans for the coming year with new offices and warehouse space in the UK and in Europe.
11.01.2019 | Allsee Technologies
Allsee Promises Biggest Ever Digital Signage Showing at ISE 2019
As well as showcasing our flagship ranges we will also be launching a host of new an innovative solutions at ISE 2019.
10.01.2019 | Nureva Inc
Nureva to showcase expanded solutions and new functionality at ISE 2019
New collaboration features, security enhancements, ecosystem program and more provide customers with a tightly integrated experience in a secure environment
10.01.2019 | Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH
Schnick-Schnack-Systems nach ISO 9001:2015 zertifiziert
Köln, 13.12.2018 – Schnick-Schnack-Systems, ein führender Anbieter von professionellen LED-Effektlicht-Lösungen und Steuerungstechnik, hat im Oktober 2018 die Zertifizierung nach ISO 9001:2015 erhalten.
10.01.2019 | Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH
Schnick-Schnack-Systems is ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Cologne, 13.12.2018 - Schnick-Schnack-Systems, a leading provider of professional LED effect lighting solutions and control technology, was granted the certification according to ISO 9001:2015 in October 2018.
09.01.2019 | Atlona
Atlona Unleashing Expanded OMEGA™ Family of Advanced Presentation and Collaboration Solutions at I
A new extender kit, switcher and HDBaseT receiver join the recently-introduced family of innovative solutions in addressing evolving AV market trends.
09.01.2019 | eyefactive GmbH
eyefactive at ISE 2019
Innovative shopping experience of the future: At this year's ISE, eyefactive present interactive technology and products for use at point of sale. Visitors find eyefactive GmbH at booth K-430 in hall 8. eyefactive present interactive apps from their
09.01.2019 | Silvertel
A simple solution for IEEE802.3bt
These modules provide a simple solution to add the new 4 pair PoE specification to your higher power AV designs
09.01.2019 | Silvertel
The smallest PoE module released
This is the smallest IEEE802.3af isolated PD module available. Ideal for even the smallest IoT and AV designs.
09.01.2019 | Silvertel
DC LED Driver with Dali
This module provided ideal solution for IOT smart lighting designers.
09.01.2019 | LILIN UK
You asked- and LILIN delivered.
LILIN have added black coloured camera variants of their most popular ZMR cameras to their range. Designed with the Custom Install market in mind; and based upon customer demand for black cameras as standard, see them for the first time at ISE 2019.
09.01.2019 | LILIN UK
LILIN Expand License Plate Recognition Solutions
LILIN have introduced two new LPR (License Plate Recognition) camera models to their range of ANPR solutions, capable of identifying and recognising license plates on vehicles without need for any additional software.
09.01.2019 | LILIN UK
LILIN Announce New 'Mini-PTZ'
Introducing LILIN's Mini-PTZ camera, the PZD6422X3. Capable of 270 degree rotation, featuring a 3x optical zoom and housed in a discreet 3" dome chassis, this camera model has been a popular addition to LILIN's range.
09.01.2019 | Axis Communications
Axis Communications presenteert nieuwste netwerkaudio-oplossingen tijdens ISE 2019
Axis Communications zal tijdens Integrated Systems Europe 2019 (ISE), dat plaatsvindt van 5 t/m 8 februari 2019 in de RAI Amsterdam, zijn nieuwste portfolio van netwerkaudio-oplossingen presenteren.
09.01.2019 | Magewell Electronics Co., Ltd.
Magewell to Highlight Practical Solutions for Transition to Video over IP at ISE 2019
Demonstrations will feature cost-effective bridges between traditional AV architectures and IP-based workflows, easier streaming and more
09.01.2019 | Yamaha Unified Communications
Yamaha UC Prepares Higher Education Technology Managers For Growth in Distance Learning at ISE 2019
Yamaha UC Will Present Speaking Session on the Video Conferencing Solutions Available to Solve Challenges, Create Dynamic Collaboration Environments During SCHOMS Discussion
08.01.2019 | Ksenia Security
Ksenia Security forms to new integration partnerships
Ksenia Security has announced the complete integration of lares 4.0 IoT platform with both Crestron and Control 4. www.kseniasecurity.com
08.01.2019 | Ksenia Security
lares 4.0 wls 96: we connect Homes by re-inventing Security Products & Solutions
lares 4.0 offering is now enhanced with a new version of control panel: lares 4.0 wls 96, an all-in-one solution with polycarbonate plastic box.
08.01.2019 | Ksenia Security
lares 4.0: we connect Homes by re-inventing Security Products & Solutions
Ksenia Security recently launched lares 4.0 “the largest scalable hybrid IoT control panel” that ranges from 40 to over 1000 I/O for Security as well as Home & Building Automation. www.kseniasecurity.com
08.01.2019 | Exterity
Exterity Showcases Expanded IP Video Portfolio at ISE 2019
07.01.2019 | Roland
Roland Pro A/V Showcases V-02HD Multi-format Video Mixer at ISE 2019
Roland Professional A/V will be showcasing the versatile and powerful V-02HD multi-format video mixer at ISE 2019, which combines a simple switcher, high-quality scaler, input expander, and inline video effects/composition and audio solution in one
07.01.2019 | Roland
Roland’s New VR-1HD Makes It Easier Than Ever Before To Broadcast Live
Roland announces the ISE launch of the VR-1HD – a mixer for dynamic multicamera broadcasting to bring your live streaming videos to life
07.01.2019 | CAYMON
CAYMON OPR5XX - Series Solid open frame Racks
The existing open frame rack series from CAYMON received some interesting upgrades with the new OPR5XXA models. These new models offer a greater adjustable maximum depth from 500 to 800mm so that even larger AV and IT 19” hardware can be stored.
07.01.2019 | PROCAB
PROCAB - CPR compliant cable range
Premium cable manufacturer PROCAB is introducing an extensive new range of CPR compliant cables during ISE. This range is intended to be used in applications where CPR classification is required. This way PROCAB provides the safest possible solution
07.01.2019 | UNICOL
Expand and Explore with UNICOL this ISE
British based AV mount manufacturer, UNICOL, are increasing their footprint at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) this year. Located in Hall 1 on stand N120, guests will be able to explore and trial a wide range of new, standard and custom AV mounting
07.01.2019 | PMS Perfect Media Solutions GmbH
PMS showcases Customized Display and Software Solutions at ISE 2019
At ISE 2019 PMS Perfect Media Solutions (PMS) will show a selection of their inhouse designed display portfolio at stand 8.G475, including innovations of the customized High Brightness display series.
07.01.2019 | NorthVision International Co. Ltd.
NorthVision presents VisionShare, the world’s first wireless multi-touch and TRUE 4K presentation
NorthVision is a leading collaborative solution provider. We are now bringing visual collaboration and interactive solutions to the next level with VisionShare, the world’s first wireless multi-touch and true 4K presentation system.
04.01.2019 | Atlona
Atlona Demonstrates Opus Series of 4K HDR Matrix Switchers
Opus™, a series of three HDMI-to-HDBaseT matrix switchers and one receiver, will be presented and demonstrated at ISE 2019. These switchers feature 4K HDR signal distribution and extension and fully independent audio matrix capability.
04.01.2019 | Atlona
New Atlona OmniStream Firmware Release Broadens AV over IP Opportunities
At ISE 2019, Atlona will demonstrate new functionality to enhance switching performance for video walls, and system management within the All-IP Meeting Space
04.01.2019 | AUDAC
AUDAC Touch 2.0 update: Total system control
The Belgian pro audio manufacturer AUDAC will soon release the 2.0. update of it’s already renowned AUDAC Touch app.
04.01.2019 | AUDAC
Expand your mono balanced audio input possibilities
The Belgian pro audio manufacturer AUDAC recently released the PRE2xx series at ISE. These new pre-amplifiers offer a complete solution for applications where a large number of microphones or other mono balanced audio inputs need to be mixed in two
04.01.2019 | Waapiti
Waapiti integrates Quividi's audience & interactivity platform
Waapiti’s Digital Signage CMS has been integrated with Quividi’s VidiReports and can now power face & context responsive messages.
04.01.2019 | Waapiti
Waapiti supports the management of NEC displays with Raspberry Pi Compute Module
Waapiti has integrated its digital signage platform into NEC's displays, providing a complete hardware and software solution.
04.01.2019 | ACME
Impressive—ACME LED Wall Washer TB-1230QW
ACME LED Wall Washer TB-1230QW, brings an easier “life” to the users and better visual enjoyment to the audiences. For your eyes only @ ISE AMSTERDAM : HALL 15-D260
04.01.2019 | ACME
Small is PRO
ACME Energy Spot Pro. A super Fast and Wide zoom in a compact size for install it everywhere you need. For your eyes only @ ISE AMSTERDAM : HALL 15-D260
04.01.2019 | AREC Inc.
AREC to Bring AV-over-IP Total Solutions to ISE 2019
AREC will showcase our AV-over-IP total soltuions and new products for the lecture capture, corporate training, and AV interaction & collaboration market. Sincerely invite you to visit us at booth 13-F140.
03.01.2019 | Onelan Ltd.
ONELAN CMS 3.4 delivers improved efficiency, functionality and security updates for enterprise deplo
ONELAN has released major updates to its digital signage CMS which include a powerful new shared playlist feature; a reduction in local storage requirements for SoC, and extra security protocols.
02.01.2019 | Avonic
Avonic will Showcase Upgraded Range of PTZ Cameras at ISE 2019
Avonic is previewing its new T-REX tracking solution, designed to deliver new levels of capability for capturing events and lectures. The company is also showcasing its enhanced CM70 range of high quality PTZ cameras.
02.01.2019 | ARX Systems
ARX Systems Launch AV DI Plus Stereo Audiovisual Active Direct Box
The AV DI Plus provides a straightforward solution to the increasingly familiar problem of having to deal with a number of different types of analog audio connectors when connecting to consumer level devices.
02.01.2019 | LDA Audio Tech
LDA ONE: minimalist and compact PA/VA system with full functionalities
LDA Audio Tech will showcase its latest developments in EN 54 certified voice alarm solutions, installed in more than 50 countries.
27.12.2018 | Narvitech
New Software Solution-NarviCast with advanced collaboration
One of the key highlights of the show will be our new software solution NarviCast with advanced collaboration and security features, ideal for meetings and presentations.
27.12.2018 | Narvitech
Narvitech invites you to ISE 2019 in Amsterdam, NL
Come to our stand and experience our live event production solutions, from capture and streaming products to wireless display system. Narvitech offers a wide range of collaborative solutions to suit your requirements.
27.12.2018 | Narvitech
Join Narvitech at Stand 13-B116 (Hall 13)
Narvitech develop capture and streaming products for personal or studio to achieve live video streaming easily with great video quality. We also provide best wireless display system for class and business, who can share their content more efficient!
26.12.2018 | VISS Display
Add more to the outdoor display
VISS will showcase new outdoor rental display solutions at stand 12-A64.
24.12.2018 | BXB
BXB's IP Recording & Live Streaming Solution
This solution can operate for video discussion, educational training, data collection, remote teaching. The process of the meeting can all be recorded. Simultaneously, the displayed images can be livestreamed via internet.
24.12.2018 | DigiBird
DigiBird High Performance 4K@60 Video Wall Controller
VWC2-H4 Series hardware based video wall controller is launched to provide 4K experience with extreme reliability by DigiBird, to fulfill the rigorous demand of mission critical projects.
24.12.2018 | DigiBird
DigiBird All-in-one Unistation Solution
A Unified KVM Solution for Work Stations to enhance resources security and operator’s collaboration between workstations.
21.12.2018 | Famasete
Boost Interactive Technology for Education
The "Classroom of the Future" is a special project implemented by Famasete in several schools in different municipalities which consists in the installation of Wingsys Solutions for Education.
21.12.2018 | Famasete
Between QSR & Queue Management Solutions
Through the internationally recognized brand Wingsys, the Portuguese company launches a new line of interactive fast and efficient virtual payment solutions that can be applied in a wide variety of areas.
21.12.2018 | Famasete
Outdoor Solutions for Smart Cities
After Famasete acquiring the status of Best Interactive Systems Manufacturer in Portugal, the company presents a new range of products: Wingsys QX003 interactive outdoor.
21.12.2018 | Krix
Krix Series MX Press Release - Real Cinema at Home
Krix will be revealing the first European exhibition for Krix Series MX at ISE 2019. These award-winning modular speaker systems will transform any dedicated room into the ultimate home cinema.
20.12.2018 | Epiphan Video
Epiphan Pearl integrates video recording with CMS giant Kaltura
Epiphan Video is adding integration with CMS giant Kaltura to their popular Epiphan Pearl™ family of all-in-one video switcher, streamer, and recorder systems in January 2019.
20.12.2018 | Epiphan Video
Epiphan Pearl captures video with corporate security in sight
Epiphan Video announces the addition of advanced network security features to their popular Epiphan Pearl™ family of all-in-one video switcher, streamer, and recorder systems.
20.12.2018 | designflow
designflow ISE2019 press release
All the info about what designflow will be offering and launching at ISE2019
19.12.2018 | Liberty AV Solutions
Test Your Speed at ISE: New Category Cable Termination System Overcomes Common Installation Issues
The new, revolutionary ConnecTec Cat delivers a simple to terminate, flexible, and solid category cable connection…see how quickly you can connect in Liberty's CT Cat: Race to Win Contest - you could win an OLED TV!
19.12.2018 | Hikvision
Hikvision launches Face Recognition Terminals
Hikvision has launched a range of ground-breaking face recognition terminals. Hikvision’s face recognition terminals are embedded with deep-learning algorithms for access control and office scenarios for improving building operations and more.
19.12.2018 | Hikvision
Intrusion with vision: Hikvision is expanding its horizons with integrated one-platform alarm soluti
Hikvision has introduced a new range of intrusion alarm solutions to the security market, combining Hikvision’s market-leading position and world-class capabilities with over 30 years of Pyronix’ intrusion expertise.
19.12.2018 | Hikvision
A window into the world of surveillance
At the heart of all security systems is the security employee, who monitors the feeds day after day in security centres across the globe.
19.12.2018 | P5
P5 FutureNow modules are made to be compatible
FutureNow units by P5 can be used standalone or integrated with control systems
19.12.2018 | Opus Technologies
19.12.2018 | Opus Technologies
19.12.2018 | Opus Technologies
18.12.2018 | Arthur Holm
The amazing DynamicTalkB for boundary microphones is ready to order now
DynamicTalkB is the new smart solution to integrate boundary microphones in boardroom tables. With a stylish Scandinavian design, it can disappear within the table when not needed.
17.12.2018 | Vivitek
Vivitek and Delta Display Solutions Celebrate Together at ISE 2019
This press release details the new and exciting solutions Vivitek and Delta Display Solutions will showcase at ISE 2019, on stand number 5R60.
17.12.2018 | Highlite International
Highlite International present at ISE 2019
Highlite will be present during ISE 2019, hall 7, stand Y190. DAP Audio, Showtec, Infinity Furion, Siganture and Chimpo and DMT LED Screens will be presented
17.12.2018 | PMS Perfect Media Solutions GmbH
PMS @ ISE 2019: Neue Displays und Digital Signage Lösungen
Als unabhängiger Full Service Integrator stellt die PMS Perfect Media Solutions (PMS) auch 2019 wieder auf der größten AV Branchenmesse ISE aus.
17.12.2018 | VISSONIC Electronics
VISSONIC DSP Networked Conference system
Full digital conference microphone, support discussion+voting+interpretation, wired by CAT5 cable and Poe, 5G Wi-Fi wireless units in stable performance, and IR interpretation system
15.12.2018 | Sound Plug Electronic Co., Ltd.
Taiwan ODM/OEM Returns
After an enterprising inaugural participation in ISE 2018, Sound Plug Electronic, one of Taiwan's leading ODM/OEM providers returns to ISE with much anticipation.
14.12.2018 | LINDY
Why view one source when you can view four – all on the same display!
The perfect solution where display space is a premium, the Lindy 4 Port HDMI 2.0 & USB Quad View KVM Switch displays up to four devices on the same screen, either independently or at the same time.
14.12.2018 | Innova IT Solutions
Innova to Introduce DS Analytics at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) Trade Fair
Turk Telekom's subsidiary company Innova continues introducing the innovative products and solutions developed by native engineering. Innova's sub-brand Kiosk Innova will showcase end-to-end solutions including software/hardware production, c
13.12.2018 | Ventuz Technology
Ventuz to Highlight Data Visualization Workflows at ISE 2019
Ventuz Technology, developer of 3D real-time motion graphics solutions, has chosen ISE 2019 to showcase their newest toolsets for smart and dynamic visualization workflows for live data. To be seen in hall 8, stand number 8-K330 at ISE 2019.
13.12.2018 | YDEA
YIPLED, the Pioneer of transparent LED screen for "new retail + window new media"
YIPLED transparent LED display transforms the glass window with advertising value in the urban business environment into a commercial medium.
13.12.2018 | Lumi Legend Corporation
LUMI Introduces NEW Indoor Digital Signage Kiosk Stand
The new LDS01‐55F kiosk stand is a perfect digital signage and advertising solution designed for many scenarios‐ from corporate to retail to hospitality, and beyond.
13.12.2018 | YDEA
Japanese are the world's most picky customers, so the question is, how can the LED All-in-one machine conquer them?
13.12.2018 | YDEA
Science fiction! Adidas + YIPLED, join forces to create the biggest brand center
The largest sports trend landmark in Asia! Adidas teamed up with YIPLED to create the biggest brand center.
12.12.2018 | i3-Technologies
i3-Technologies launches new i3HUDDLE 3.0 as a flexible meeting room solution
i3-Technologies, a leading producer of collaboration technology is announcing the launch of the i3HUDDLE 3.0.
12.12.2018 | Lifesize
Lifesize Creates Lifelike Video Conferencing Experience with First and Only Global 4K Video Calling
Lifesize®, a global innovator of video collaboration and meeting productivity solutions, today announced the release of its new global cloud service architecture and Icon 700 conference room solution.
11.12.2018 | AV EMEA BV
Soundcast launches Outdoor Play-Fi enabled speaker
Soundcast are pleased to launch the highly-anticipated VG10 at ISE – the world’s first premium, portable, outdoor/indoor Bluetooth speaker with DTS PlayFi technology, as well as Airplay and Amazon Alexa operability.
11.12.2018 | AV EMEA BV
Wireworld announces the introduction of their Series 8 Starlight and Chroma USB cables at ISE 2019.These flat cables utilize Wireworld’s exclusive Uni-Path conductor geometry, Composilex 3 insulation and noise-absorbing conductors.
10.12.2018 | Monitor Audio Ltd.
Monitor Audio launches MASS Surround Sound: All Round Entertainment
MASS is a high performance, compact home cinema system comprising five satellite speakers and a subwoofer designed to be sympathetic to the styling of modern rooms. It is an affordable and elegant package created to deliver a truly immersive sound.
06.12.2018 | Matrox Electronic Systems GmbH
Matrox Now Shipping World’s Most Powerful Video Wall Capture Cards
Matrox Mura IPX 4K DisplayPort boards deliver unrivaled capture, encode, and decode of multiple 4Kp60 video sources—all from a single card—for graphics-rich video wall applications
06.12.2018 | DPA Microphones
DPA’s podium microphones delivered exceptional sound quality and an aesthetically pleasing look at the inauguration of the Irish president, which took place at Dublin Castle.
05.12.2018 | Litemax
Litemax's spanpixel displays solution for PIS commute in a smarter way!
Each passenger receive a transfer information quickly and obviously. Litemax provides a cutting-edge and products for railway station/platform,Locomotive Dashboard,in-carriage sign board,ticket Kiosk,vending machine, smart shelf and digital signage.
05.12.2018 | Litemax
Litemax's IPC solution for PIS commute in a smarter way!
Each passenger receive a transfer information quickly and obviously. Litemax provides a cutting-edge and products for railway station/platform,Locomotive Dashboard,in-carriage sign board,ticket Kiosk,vending machine, smart shelf and digital signage.
05.12.2018 | Litemax
Litemax's durapixel displays solution for PIS commute in a smarter way!
Each passenger receive a transfer information quickly and obviously. Litemax provides a cutting-edge and products for railway station/platform,Locomotive Dashboard,in-carriage sign board,ticket Kiosk,vending machine, smart shelf and digital signage.
05.12.2018 | t-WIN Technology Service Inc.,
AiR²BOX AI 360° Rotation Irregular Video Walls Solution
AiR²BOX is an artificial intelligence Robot/Rotation box. The content stays intact or rotates with the TV screen. AiR²BOX makes display rotate 360 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise. t-WIN provides customization of iBOX with AiRBOX.
05.12.2018 | t-WIN Technology Service Inc.,
iClient Cloud PC with IT Solution
iClient adopts cloud computing technology and desktop virtualization concepts.It supports Windows/Linux operating system and can be used as a mini PC alone.Compared to the traditional PC system and greatly save the cost of procurement and operation.
04.12.2018 | Datapath LTD
New VSN processor from Datapath is ‘the world’s most powerful video wall controller’
Datapath are delighted to announce the introduction of the new high-end VSN video wall processors to meet the demand for today’s high resolution, high demand video applications.
04.12.2018 | Datapath LTD
Datapath launch new ‘ultimate dual 4K’ capture card for ISE
Datapath, the award-winning innovator of video management and control technology, has launched a new dual 4K capture card, the VisionSC-UHD2, ahead of ISE 2019 – and it is the most powerful 4K card in the company’s portfolio.
03.12.2018 | BXB
Q.con Video Conferencing Solution
Q.con is equipped with image auto-tracking and compatible with mainstream messaging software such as Skype, Meets, Hangouts, and Whatsapps. The excellent microphone sound quality makes the meeting as the face-to-face communication.
03.12.2018 | BXB
ICP-5000 AV IoT AV Broadcasting and Environmental Control Solution
ICP-5000 applies IoT, cloud, and big data to execute message announcement, security and environment control. Users can use phone line for remote PA or use BXB-developed APP to execute streaming broadcasting for emergent messages.
30.11.2018 | GUANGZHOU ZORSIKA Electronics Co., Ltd
Zorsika Projector Lamp Modules---Perfect for you!
100% original bulb inside endows our projector lamp module with high performance. We are the official distributor of Phoenix-made AC lamps and Panasonic China standard projector lamps. Zorsika, your best choice!
30.11.2018 | GUANGZHOU ZORSIKA Electronics Co., Ltd
Zorsika Projector Air Filters
Zorsika self developed high quality air filters could be well applied to various projectors.
30.11.2018 | GUANGZHOU ZORSIKA Electronics Co., Ltd
Zorsika Wide Angel Lens for Projectors
Zorsika's self developed short lens( wide angel) can be applied to many different brands' projector. High quality with favorable price.
29.11.2018 | Covid
Taking the Complication Out of Self-Terminating Fiber Optics
Covid’s new Simple Fiber Optic products include fiber cabling, connectors and a basic termination kit. What makes our new line of Simple Fiber Optics so exciting is the use of a splicing process that is easy for anyone to learn.
29.11.2018 | Covid
Covid Now Offers a Shielded Version of the Active Optical HDMI Cable
Covid, Inc. has announced a new addition to their already popular line of AOC cable products. The new Shielded Active Optical HDMI Cable offers many of the same benefits as the other Covid AOC cable products.
29.11.2018 | Covid
Covid Introduces a New Simple & Quick Plastic Wall Plate Solution
Covid, Inc. has introduced a new line of plastic wall plates that offer a modular design and are a cost-effective wall plate solution. These new wall plates utilize Keystone hole cuts and are available in both single gang and decora form factor.
28.11.2018 | Critec Creative Agency
Critec - Creative Agency
Since our first breath we belive in irreverence and an incessant search for difference in Brand Activation solutions.
28.11.2018 | Lumi Legend Corporation
LUMI AUDIO Launches Wireless Audio Solutions for Multi-Room and Whole House Installations
Finally, wireless audio product that provide a solid choice for streaming audio in Multi-Room, Multi-Channel, Multi-User audio applications! Now introducing LUMI AUDIO's WSP-6 Wi-Fi Ceiling Speaker and FLC-6BT Bluetooth Ceiling speaker.
27.11.2018 | Xiamen Interactive Technology Co., Ltd (INTECH)
All in One Interactive Whiteboard System
INTECH Aio IWB system is having the inbuilt computer, interactive whiteboard, central control, speakers, wireless MIC, document camera and embedded interactive software
27.11.2018 | Xiamen Interactive Technology Co., Ltd (INTECH)
INTECH Smart Book Cabinet
RFID technology on library management system Installed in any locations: community centers, medical facilities, schools, any library branches
19.11.2018 | Optoma Europe
Optoma to unveil new display technologies on its biggest ever stand at ISE 2019
Optoma, number one DLP® projector brand in EMEA*, announced it will showcase its expanding range of visual display technology at ISE 2019.
19.11.2018 | MODULO PI
Modulo Pi enhances its media servers with an embedded real-time live mixer. An industry-first that w
Modulo Pi is pleased to announce a new version of its media server solutions: Modulo Player & Modulo Kinetic will now embed a real-time low-latency live mixer, a world’s first that will be demonstrated at ISE 2019 in booth K135, Hall 14.
15.11.2018 | Hanshin International Ltd
Education Solution and Smart Retail Solution
With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing products for educational and corporate sectors, Hanshin becomes one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interactive systems.
13.11.2018 | Axitour Communication Solutions
An innovative card-concept makes audio guides affordable even for small museums: Nubart
Nubart is the first tangible audio guide that doesn’t require dedicated devices nor native apps. Only 15 % of 19.140 European museums are currently offering an audio guide. Nubart makes audio guides and big data services affordable.
12.11.2018 | Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd.
Amphion presents the new bass extension system - FlexBase25 - at the AES New York
The Finnish loudspeakers manufacturer reveals an unconventional approach to subwoofer design. FlexBase25 is not a typical subwoofer, but a highly-flexible stereo bass extension and management system with a separate LFE-channel input.
12.11.2018 | t-WIN Technology Service Inc.,
Software for iBOX & AiR²BOX
t-WIN technology Service Inc., has obtained patents about iBOX (NO. 2018SR778272, Irregular Video Wall Processing Software) and AiR²BOX (NO. 2018SR786620, 360° Dynamic Irregular Video Wall Processing Software), in China.
09.11.2018 | aegis Multimedia Inc.
HPC Technology Inc. Joins SDVoE Alliance
We are happy to announce HPC has joined the SDVoE Alliance
08.11.2018 | Crestron
Crestron to celebrate Integration Awards at ISE2019
Crestron's EMEA Integration Awards are open for entries, with 15 categories covering both residential and commercial applications of Crestron technology. Applications for the annual competition are now open, and winners will be revealed at ISE19
07.11.2018 | Aavara Innovation Corp.
Aavara 4K Over IP Matrix/VideoWall/KVM Solution
Aavara will be excited to showcase latest 4K Over IP Matrix technology PB9000 at ISE 2019. Powerful videowall feature is able to establish and manage large scale traditional and Asymmetric video wall.
03.11.2018 | Shenzhen PUAS Industrial Co., LTD
Mini USB PTZ Camera for Huddle Conferencing Room
The U510 is a mini USB video conferencing PTZ camera. Single-arm structure design, all-metal shell, adopt imported step-motor driven , rotating silent. Built-in 10X optical zoom camera, clear picture quality, maximum video output can reach 1080P30fp
03.11.2018 | Shenzhen PUAS Industrial Co., LTD
Extra Full HD Video PTZ Camera
HD320 using the latest advancing video processing technology, adopt high quality full HD CMOS image sensor, can provide Full HD 1080P/60fps extremely clear picture quality, up to 3Mega pixels, the picture is clear and sense, Support HDMI/3G-SDI/LAN
02.11.2018 | Chipone
Ultimate Upgrade! ICND2055 With a Revolution PWM Technology
02.11.2018 | Chipone
ICND2200——Key of mini LED, HDR, and Super Fine Pitch LED Panel
26.10.2018 | Lithe Audio
NEW PRODUCT: All-in-one Multi-Room WiFi Ceiling Speaker
Introducing the All-in-one Multi-Room WiFi Ceiling Speaker from Lithe Audio. With the Amplifier & WiFi built-in, this speaker offers the perfect solution that many AV installers face, as there is no need to run cabling through your walls.
11.10.2018 | Monitor Audio Ltd.
New Additions to the Vecta Range: The V240-LV Speaker and the V-Cluster Brack
Vecta is an architectural weather resistant range of speakers that offers incredible versatility and simple installation in places where other speaker choices would prove impractical.
11.10.2018 | Monitor Audio Ltd.
The CLG-W10 Outdoor Subwoofer
Designed for concealment in any garden landscape, the Climate Garden System takes Monitor Audio’s award-winning hi-fi audio quality from home to garden, providing music lovers with the lifestyle experience of great sound in the outdoors.
26.09.2018 | G2 Digital Video Ltd
Champion PC from G2 is a real contender
G2 Digital has recently introduced an innovative new machine to its constantly growing line-up of Rack and Mini PCs – the Bantam.
10.09.2018 | Linkx Electronics Co., Ltd
TG-288Dual Two way Digital UHF Tour Guide System
TG-288Dual has the secure and stable transmission, crystal clear digital audio quality, larger size LCD, thoughtful built-in microphone and built in the external mic and aux inputs on transmitter and aux output on receiver.
10.09.2018 | Linkx Electronics Co., Ltd
AIRLINK 1 Wireless Audio Extender
AIRLINK is designed for concerts or live presentation of various sizes, is intended to replace the long,bulky speaker cables and simplify the installation and removal of speaker wiring.
10.09.2018 | Linkx Electronics Co., Ltd
UR101 Wireless Microphone System
The UR101 Wireless Microphone System offers superior quality and legendary performance. It presents a unique and compact design, easy use interface and hidden integrated antenna adequate for your professional vocal use.
03.09.2018 | Amaryllo International B.V.
Amaryllo Wins 2018 Trailblazer Award in IoT Asia
Amaryllo International B.V. participated in the 2018 IoT Asia hosted in Singapore and won the Trailblazer Award for offering innovative AI as a service business model to global partners.
03.09.2018 | Amaryllo International B.V.
More than a Security Camera: Amaryllo International B.V.
Being recognized and awarded in CES Innovation Awards for four consecutive years since 2015, Amaryllo has been continuously exceeding itself in AI technology and smart video surveillance.