The advancement of LED technology and the proliferation of billboards: a little Times Square in every corner



The advancement of LED technology and the proliferation of billboards: a little Times Square in every corner

31 Jan 2024

As LED technology continues to advance, the traditional static billboard transforms into a dynamic, interactive canvas capable of delivering rich multimedia content. Times Square has been, and still is, the place where the billboard and the DOOH industry performs at its peak, and it's the best scenario to showcase this transformation.

Not long ago, companies hired traditional billboards by the cost of a square inch, as nowaday, with the LED technology, the billboard industry has experienced a deep transformation on formats, pricing, and time of screening, This revolution has seen also an advance on the DOOH industry worldwide, as companies now embrace the flexibility and creativity afforded by dynamic content scheduling and are able to bring their dynamic contents everywhere in the world.


From Times Square to each busiest corners in the world, LED technology opens opportunities for the commercial world, with the creative content to engage with the traffic, audience, and social media's eyeballs; also from the tech side, the real-time updates and for targeted advertising based on specific demographics, events, or even environmental conditions. It has pushed new commercial zones and new markets to be built in an easier way. However, due to the installation and maintenance of LEDs getting easier, how to stand out the project or icon is a very important mindset to build upfront.


Rafale Chang will share case studies and success stories illustrating how the integration of LED technology in billboards has enhanced advertising effectiveness and the tip of return on investment to getting higher. The discussion will extend beyond the technical aspects, exploring the psychological and sociological impact of these visually immersive displays on urban dwellers. As every corner potentially becomes a stage for digital storytelling, the panel will address the evolving role of public spaces in fostering connectivity, cultural expression, and brand engagement.

Rafale Chang, CEO - Tiger Party
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