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Content Production & Distribution Summit

Content Production & Distribution Summit

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    Join us to hear how a park that is integrated into the city’s urban fabric will, over the next few years, become a lively and inspiring facility for the creative industries.
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    Leading edge technology users, CCMA, will reveal one of the most exciting direct contributions to live television ever, from the end of the earth, using the Starlink LEO (low earth orbit) satellite network - be prepared for a wonderful surprise in this session.

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    In this session, Rick Allen (CEO of streaming platform ViewLift) will outline the ways brands can reach their customers directly with new and more effective content, and access deeper user insights, disrupting traditional intermediaries.

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    In this session, Lorenzo Zanni, IABM’s Head of Knowledge, presents the latest IABM research on MediaTech Convergence, including why this phenomenon is happening and its implication for business and technology


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    Get behind the scenes in bringing the unreal engine to life: Our speakers are experts in their field at making technology deliver the unreal for their customers whether broadcasters or brands. 

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    As the subscribers and advertisers move their money to where the eyes are this ISE keynote explores how brands are taking advantage of the latest broadcasting techniques to engage with their audiences and deliver images that are never switched off.
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    During this session you will hear from the experts on the tools & techniques of virtual studios and virtual production as well as exploring a case study on the  technical challenges of producing exciting content in the USA from a remote island off the British mainland.
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