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The Official Newsletter of ISE 2021

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RISE Spotlight - Harness the Power of Digital Learning

December’s RISE Spotlight had the theme of Digital Learning. Produced in association with TNW and sponsored by ILS, it took place on Tuesday 12 January 2021.

The event brought together corporates, AV providers, integrators, futurists and educators for a rounded conversation on the future of digital learning. Click below to read reports on the sessions or watch the on-demand videos.

A deep dive into the current state of digital learning

Focus on the ‘why’ of digital learning rather than the tool; trust teachers to innovate; and adapt your content to local preferences. Those were among the messages from the ISE Reporter Roundtable at the RISE Spotlight on digital learning.

Mike Tholfsen, Microsoft Education

Pandemic tightens Microsoft’s edtech focus

Although education technology has always been important within Microsoft, it took centre stage during the pandemic, according to Microsoft Education’s Principal Group Product Manager, Mike Tholfsen.

The startups disrupting the world of education

In January’s Startup Nation session, Mercedes Bent, a Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, shared her top tech-to-watch with moderator Már Másson Maack, editor of Growth Quarters at TNW.

Mar Masson Mack, Mercedes Bent

AVIXA: Education spend wobbles, but prospects remain bright

In contrast to many other sectors, education institutions had to spend quickly on AV during the pandemic in order to be able to keep teaching. So said Sean Wargo, Senior Director of Market Intelligence at AVIXA, during the RISE Spotlight event on digital learning.

CEDIA: Experience is crucial for optimised learning

When it comes to digital learning, encouraging and maintaining engagement is one of the biggest challenges facing educators, but there are a number of ways to optimise this, says CEDIA.

The Big Read

Genna Ash-Brown, Editor of Education Technology, discusses how the pandemic has prompted a massive uptake of edtech – and what the outcomes of this great experiment are likely to be.

Genna Education Technology

Making digital learning accessible

In this series of interviews with leading experts in ISE technology areas, we’re exploring industry issues including skills, diversity, inclusion and culture.

Sofia Mariasole Boer – Marketing Coordinator, Prase Media Technologies

“Instead of using just a few channels, such as YouTube or branded educational platforms, education must be accessible to fit with audience availability and knowledge levels.”

Sofia Mariasole Boer
Nessa McEniff

Nessa McEniff, Centre Director, Learnovate Centre, Trinity College Dublin

“Providing the customisation or accessibility required by employees with different learning abilities or specialised learning requirements doesn’t just provide equitable access to those learners, it benefits all employees.”

January RISE Spotlight Sponsor – ILS

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