Fira Barcelona, Gran Vía
31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

Casa Batlló’s Gaudí Cube is the first total immersive six internal-walled LED room in the world.

‘Alfalite Cube®’, the first six-sided LED cube in the world manufactured by Alfalite, a pioneering work of engineering in a 100% enveloping space capable of changing the perception of reality and allowing the impossible.


ALFALITE 1.- There is no other known permanent installation consisting of a screen cube of these dimensions (10mx10mx3m), completely enclosed on all six sides.
The motorised door system integrated in an LED screen with a precision mechanism free-gap, in order to be invisible, has not been realised in any installation, either permanent or temporary, because of the difficulty involved.
2.-Revolutionary for being implemented with the 4th generation of Alfalite ORIM® technology (Optical Resin Injection Module), development and patent by Alfalite of an optical injection of multilayer in LEDs.
3.- Alfalite design and manufacture the mechanism of automatic doors with LED panels, integrated into one of the walls, leaving the LED panels totally free of GAP.
4.- A double antistatic system has also been developed by Alfalite to protect the set of LEDs.

Exhibitor Name: ALFALITE
Booth No: 6C350, 6C450