Connessioni presents the AudioForum at ISE 2017

Audio Forum

The AudioForum, presented by one of ISE’s long-standing media partners Connessioni in cooperation with ISE and the Audio Engineering Society, returned to ISE 2017 on Monday 6 February for a full day conference.

The AudioForum is an educational project that focuses on pro audio and its overlap with the AV systems integration business. It features seminars, workshops and networking opportunities, all dedicated to the audio community.

Audio from the electronics perspective:
Processing, DSPs, software and firmware for design, monitoring, set up

In recent years, audio professionals have been dealing more and more with digital, with electronics, and with IT. This has brought a number of advantages. Thanks to different tools, from DSPs to software to powerful processing instruments, it is easier to reach total control, to handle monitoring, to remotely management, and anticipate the behaviour of an individual loudspeaker or an entire sound system.

AudioForum at ISE 2017

Who attended: The AudioForum at ISE is designed for sound designers, system integrators, installers, consultants, companies and anyone interested in knowing more about the latest audio technologies. Its aim is also to gather the audio community and the systems integration industry in one place, to share views, discuss ideas and build new business together.

Topics covered
Software and technologies for prediction and set up
Steering and control
Updates on transportation protocols for digital audio
Decentralised DSP solutions
Software and firmware for design and monitoring