Fira Barcelona, Gran Vía
31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

Alfred Smart brings IoT solutions to ISE

‘The revolution of spaces’ will be the theme for Alfred Smart Systems’ presence at ISE@Barcelona and ISE Digital.

With the message ‘Turn any space into Smart in less than a day’, the company from Barcelona will show a complete IoT and cloud solution designed to democratise smart technology in any type of installation – home, flat, hotel, office and more – in just a few hours and with no need for programming or construction/renovation works.

Visitors will also be able to interact with the solution through their own smartphone or voice assistants, enabling them to experience and control smart technology first-hand. A single centralised platform allows the integrator to have all the information they need on their facilities, including status, incidents and consumption, in real time and in detail. The back office is compatible with PMS and tourist accommodation services such as Airbnb and booking.com.

“Alfred allows homes and buildings to save up to 30% on their energy bills, thanks to remote monitoring and control of consumption from any place and device: mobile, computer or tablet,” Alfred Smart Systems’ CMO Daniel Batlle said. “If we want a more sustainable planet with a lower carbon footprint, we need all spaces to be smart.

“It is not only about the integrator and installer of the present, but also about the good integrator and installer of the future, who adds to their knowledge with the necessary tools to convert any space into a smart and sustainable one through the most efficient, fast and simple technology.”