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31 Jan - 03 Feb 2023

Alex Schurmann and Edenio Sabajo on branding opportunities

Alex Schurmann, Senior Sales Manager, ISE
Edenio Sabajo, Operations, ISE

Alex Schurmann, Senior Sales Manager, and Edenio Sabajo, Operations, answer your questions about branding opportunities at ISE 2022

What are the benefits of branding and/or sponsorships during the show?

Alex: Branding significantly increase the visibility and brings the brand into the spotlight, especially when launching new products and services. This allows exhibitors to directly engage with their customers and partners and improves the awareness and value of the brand throughout the show. Depending on the exhibitor’s needs, the appropriate package can be selected, which can include pre-show, at show and post show branding. In this way, companies can get the most out of their participation and the respective investment.

How can an exhibitor increase their branding exposure during the show?

Edenio: The options are unlimited. The Branding Brochure is a tool which helps exhibitors identify the different opportunities available, from networking events and bespoke packages to conferences packages and hall specific branding items. Based on the exhibitors’ needs, and together with ISE’s unique dynamic of environment and audience engagement, we can build custom packages which help exhibitors and their brands achieve a return-on-investment and return-on-marketing-objectives.

Can exhibitors customise their branding package?

Alex: It is always about individualising a solution and providing it according to the customer’s needs. So yes, the customer’s needs come first, however, to get a better understanding of the possibilities within the venue, we have created the Branding Brochure which include pre-made packages and individual branding items.

Still undecided on our bespoke branding options?

Edenio: Branding is a powerful awareness accelerator and will help you propel towards success. To build a strong and solid connection between an audience and brand, it should be marketed in a proper way. The best way to understand branding is to visualise and experience it. During ISE 2022, we are more than willing to guide you through this process, by showcasing how you can build brand value around your participation at ISE 2022 that creates an impact, engages, and creates a one-of-a-kind experience.

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