by Neets | Booth: 1-M140

Your graphical UI design can make or break your new AV installation The design of a touch control device’s graphical user interface defines the success of the implementation of a new AV solution for your customers.
Companies invest in AV solutions that fulfill their needs, whether that is collaboration, multimedia presentations, video conferencing or otherwise. The AV is successful if there is a high end-user adoption rate, ideally without them inundating the IT department with support tickets. That’s where the importance of a well-designed GUI comes in.
A well-designed control UI enables users to control the equipment in a room easily and intuitively. The design should feel familiar, each element should have a clear purpose and feedback is provided to indicate a successful action. Poor GUIs confuse users and turn them off from using the solution.
Neets is launching its new touch control GUI templates (configured with Neets Project Designer) at ISE 2020 – stop by for a demo.