by Element One | Booth: 2-A30

"The manually foldable Monitor TURNIS 220 is a real all-rounder" The foldable 21.5" HiRes monitor works everywhere and cannot be broken in daily use. The monitor is flat and yet really solid and protected against torsion. It is milled from a full aluminum block, compact and easy to grip and at the same time a pleasing to the eye. The screen, which is only 14 cm high when open, is slightly taller than a coffee cup and therefore almost invisible. It is therefore just as suitable for the executive desk as it is for the mayor’s desk, lecture rooms, banks or hotels.
With the TURNIS 220, ELEMENT ONE has developed a monitor solution without a motor that invites you to touch and discover. The fold-out monitor opens with a manual lift function, spring-supported for a smooth, step-less movement, so that the set-up requires hardly any pressure and almost no friction is noticeable. The slim, solid, silver anodized aluminum monitor housing hides and conceals the cables. The compact dimensions also ensure ergonomic knee and leg room below the table.