by Euromet | Booth: 12-P110

NEW UNIVERSAL Motorized Column for all the Touch Screen with 90°rotation The new TURN LIFT for monitors by EUROMET is an innovative MOTORIZED stand concept making it possible to adjust monitor height with over 50 cm stroke and a manual adjustment that is typical for the SLIDE line. It equipped with cable concealing system in the structure itself and can be matched with a wide range of accessories designed for the SLIDE line, such as the supporting brackets for double monitors, sound bars, NUC, Mini PCs and Plexiglas shelves.

It is also suitable for TURN supporting bracket fitting (EUROMET’s international patent) enabling a 90° screen rotation.

MOTORIZED TURN LIFT is the perfect solution for both Rental Services (also in the version with monitor stand in landscape and portrait position) and for educational environments (in the Touch Screen board version).Would you like to have a quotation?