by INFiLED | Booth: 12-P30,12-P40,12-P50,12-K85

Top Ten Industry Renowned Brand-INFiLED Deserve it INFiLED has been producing high-end products. Speaking of stage rental, INFiLED is definitely outstanding in this installation field. The mainstream products ER series, AR series, DB series, and new HR series, EZ series, which are specially designed to cater to the rental market and particularly favored by customers for their light, thin, fast installation and convenient transportation features.
The huge screen wall of 510 square meters at Boston Red Hat Summit, the large digital wall of 360 square meters on the French Louis Vuitton 2020 spring and summer fashion show, the big screen at rockiest, hippie Belgium carnival. Too many classic projects are the best proof of comprehensive strength. The stunning visual effect of the products also proves that INFiLED has unlimited creativity, and the development of live stage rental in the future has infinite possibilities!