by Audfly Technology Suzhou Co., Ltd | Booth: 15-H156

Directional Sound Specialist from China Audfly technology was build up by a group of forward-thinking and innovative technical engineers. It’s a leading innovative acoustic technology company in China.Our mission is to create a better listening experience by using revolutionary audio technologies.

Since its establishment, Audfly Technology was committed to providing advanced acoustic technology and bringing it to our everyday life. After all these years, Audfly Technology has been successfully invented several different acoustic innovative products. Focusound directional speaker is one of them.

The Focussound Directional Speaker is an audio innovation. It is the first commercial directional speaker in China. It provides comprehensive sound focusing solutions for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including museums, digital signs, retail stores, trade shows and galleries.

With the Focusound Directional Speaker, you will Target Sound Exactly Where You Need It.