by Helgi | Booth: 5-V50

ISE 2020: HELGI PRESENTS THE INTERACTIVE FLAT PANEL The new screens are available in 65", 75" and 86" sizes with 20 touch simultaneous, LED, infrared technology, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Speaker integrated.

HELGI IFP are ‘Zero gap Bonding’: it means that there’s no air gap between the glass cover and the LCD panel. It translates into a more accurate fingertouch, less reflections, clearer images, zero condensation and contamination issues.

Android technology has a clean, user-friendly interface and the sidebar is always accessible.

HELGI IFP can be provided with the EasiCapture software: a complete software for audio-video recording and editing of lessons, video tutorials, podcasts and videocasts.

EasiCapture is an extremely powerful, flexible and easy-to-use solution designed for teachers who want to work innovatively – for example with a “flipped classroom” approach – and for the whole class when it’s time to make videos and Movies of any kind.