by Changsha SunVote Limited | Booth: 15-B105

SunVote Student Response System Help Students to Express Their Voice Johny is the teacher of Cruzeiro do Sul Educational, the largest university education group in Brazil. He was looking for a way to engage students and make every student express their voice.

In 2018, Cristiano introduced the SunVote Student Response System to his classroom. He found that it gave confidence to the minority especially the students who is shy. Students show more interest to his courses and are more willing to express their voice which fully enhance the interaction between he and his students. In class, he creates different types of questions in PowerPoint slides and students use clickers to answer, the system collects response data automatically and generate instant results. All response data can be saved in cloud, easy to do in-depth analysis after class.

Cristiano said: "SunVote CRS is easy and incredible! I used it in three class and was all okay. Students also liked it,my class was much better.”