by Changsha SunVote Limited | Booth: 15-B105

SunVote Electronic Voting System Makes City Council Meetings Simple & Efficient! Before 2019, the Polish city council meetings had used the traditional voting method and faced many difficulties, such as complex and time consuming on voting preparation and votes counting. However, after using SunVote EVS, the efficiency of the city council meeting has made a qualitative leap.

Before the meeting, by electronic "sign in", councilors registration and quorum can be confirmed in 10 seconds.

During the meeting, when put the resolution to a vote, delegates can click the yes or no button on voting keypads and submit their votes. The votes are 100% collected within 1 minute and displayed in real time, Besides, Individual voting details can be tracked.

After the meeting, detailed reports and participants list can be generated for auditing.

“SunVote EVS is amazing! easy to use, our meetings become more productive and quicker in decision makings.”

Come to ISE 2020, the booth 15-B105 for more details.