by Changsha SunVote Limited | Booth: 15-B105

SunVote Audience Response Systems Streamline Your Next Shareholders Meeting! In April 2018, An Annual General Meeting was ended successfully in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There were 6,000 participants, the number of shareholders voting was 3,500. In previous meetings, it took a few hours to do delegates registration, collect and count votes, manual statistics sometimes leads to error and fraud, which affects the fairness of results.

SunVote ARS helped organizers solve their difficulties.

Before the meeting, SunVote ARS help to do delegate registration quickly and identify the legitimacy of delegate number. During the meeting, SunVote EVS was used for voting on the bill. All resolutions were voted six times throughout the meeting and the results are announced immediately, not only saves 3500 * 6 times counting time, the voting is also open & fair. SunVote Audience Response System helped the organizers achieve the goals of this meeting.

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