by Elitegroup Computer Systems CO., LTD. | Booth: 8-A370

Small Efficient Silent LIVA Z2 and Z2V Mini PC Ideal Digital Signage Solution
LIVA Z2/Z2V silent, energy efficient multi-functional mini PC designed for digital signage, workstation, and noise sensitive situations. Supporting smooth 4k playback and HEVC 10-bit decryption ability from the latest Intel HD 600 series integrated graphics, LIVA Z2/Z2V is widely used to support digital storefront, point of sale terminal, or menu board in retail sectors. The fanless design makes the media player invaluable in dust sensitive roles or places that require the least noise possible, such as hospitals, banks and government offices. The all new LIVA Z2/Z2V Mini PC features a fanless design, allowing power saving and complete silence. It provides stunning 4K / UHD high quality playback with the full function of a desktop in a space-saving design.