by SAVESOR | Booth: 9-B145

Savesor all-in-one for Airbnb Apartments: Keyless Access, Energy Saving, and Intrusion Alarm Savesor solution for short-term rentals includes an electronic door lock with a wireless PIN pad. Guest receives PIN code for entry via Messengers (Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Line), SMS, or Email.
Savesor can detect whether a room is occupied or not. With this knowledge, additional energy-saving measures can be implemented to achieve saving up to 40% in energy bills. Savesor can act as an intrusion alarm as well. It can notify the host and/or guest in case of unauthorized entries. Savesor can create one-time entry keys and deliver to facility services staff.

The solution can be installed between check-out and check-in so it doesn’t affect the host’s revenue.