by Element One | Booth: 2-A30

FOLD! unique, robot-like monitor - Version 2020 The FOLD! is not only stylish – it floats! Like a robotic arm, the wafer-thin display moves forward. And when extended, it remains as an elegant tablet above the table surface. Equipped with a touch display, it can even be used like a tablet – in a comfortable operating position and at any angle for the best view.The FOLD! takes the ideal tablet position on the table after it appeared whisper-quiet. Although FOLD! is not a single stand-alone device. It is designed to be part of the professional AV media installation – with all the security features, video interfaces and functions that are needed for a meeting or conference room. FOLD! is with its 17.3“ larger than a conventional tablet and offers a much more comfortable image area.
„The idea was to combine the best of all worlds.“
FOLD! impresses with its slim design. With its unique look, FOLD! is the first of its kind. Made for more effective communication in the meeting room.