by RASIKE-CINECA | Booth: 5-S94

RaSiKe home cinema design #1 Our reference room is 6m deep by 4m wide with a height of 290cm and will have 2 rows of Matiz seats with the front row being the reference seats for a Dolby Atmos speaker setup. An acoustic transparant screen of ±140" is used in the design.
Luxurious curtains will be placed in front of all walls with our acoustic materials placed behind. A mix of acoustic absorption foam, and diffusors will create a well balanced room. Bass traps are also available for back corners. Speaker columns will be created to hide all surround speakers. In our design there will be 4 side and 2 rear speakers, and 4 in-ceiling speakers. The columns will feature our tension system with the choice of our acoustic transparant fabrics.
LED lighting is placed behind the columns and surrounding the curtains. We offer a professional lighting solution using DMX or other control system when reques