by Epiphan Video | Booth: 11-B110

New automatic transcription appliance makes live transcription more accessible Epiphan Video introduces LiveScrypt, an AI-driven device that makes live subtitling more accessible, convenient, and affordable.

The motivations for live transcription include legislative requirements, accommodation for people with hearing challenges, and room audio issues such as noisy table neighbors. But securing live transcription services isn’t always feasible due to budgetary constraints or challenges sourcing professionals with the necessary skills.

Advances in AI and machine learning have made automatic transcription a viable alternative to human transcription for conferences, meetings, sermons, and other live events. LiveScrypt maximizes the practicality of these advances by making it easier to achieve the right conditions for accurate automatic transcription.

LiveScrypt also features HDMI and SDI inputs, a built-in screen for configuration, and a QR code system for easy streaming – simplifying the automatic transcription setup.