by VOOME NETWORKS | Booth: 8-K192

WITH JADE ENTERPRISE BUILD A STRONG COMPANY COMMUNITY Jade Enterprise will make you reach unmachted levels of power, versatility and safety. Automatic wayfinding systems, synchronized agendas for meeting rooms, instant sharing of posts on social networks, smart internal communication messages, real-time production data, and much more. You have what it takes to elevate your corporate communication. With Jade Enterprise you don’t need technical training or dedicated resources: the human resources team will be able to send messages to employees, the advertising agency will upload new video, the social media manager will share the new post on Facebook.
Jade Enterprise runs on reliable hardware, and vice versa. You don’t need to get the "doors" open to work remotely.
We know how to protect your company’s network, your data and those of your customers.
And with our advanced diagnostic tools you have a total control of your network, always, anywhere.
It is available as a cloud service or on customer’s premises.