by Macnica Americas, Inc. | Booth: 15-C370

Macnica Demonstrates Value Proposition for AV over IP Transport over 1Gb Networks at ISE 2020 Macnica’s ISE stand (15-C370) features three demonstrations to showcase the performance and benefits of the MPA1000.
• Shootout: Macnica has created a five-way shootout with popular proprietary AV over IP alternatives, including a 10GbE variety. Evaluate the relative quality, latency, and performance of the MPA1000. This is one of the few places at ISE to see how open standards compare to closed or privately-controlled alternatives.
• Web Interface and Control: The MPA1000 features multiple methods of control, including a new web interface. The web interface puts the power of the MPA1000 into an intuitive web UI that can be customized by developers.
• Sub-Frame Latency: Visitors who want some fun with their show experience can test their skills on an E-Sports Class racing simulator. Thanks to the sub-frame latency and performance of the MPA1000, the experience is natural and immediate, just as professional gamers demand.