by Lumi Legend Corporation | Booth: 1-E60,1-E70,2-E60

No Pain - All Gain with LUMI’s New Easy Installation Video Wall Mount LUMI LEGEND CORPORATION (LUMI), China’s #1 manufacturing exporter of mounting and ergonomic technology products, introduces the LVW12 SERIES of Digital Signage Video Wall Mount. With the creative scale design and connecting mounting slot, the mounts installation and alignment became reproducible. The LVW12 SERIES is not only easier to install, it offers the installer and designer endless possibilities through their nearly seamless chainable design structure. Oversized displays and unique visual digital signage applications require mounts that won’t restrict the creative process-and that’s why the LVW12 incorporate features that help and not hinder the process, allowing for endless configurations and display applications. Made of quality steel, with pop-out extension arms provide a quick access and easy maintenance, the LVW12 SERIES has been designed for longevity and versatility.
Learn more about LUMI’s OEM/ODM capabilities by visiting the ISE LUMI BOOTHS: 1-E70, 2-E60.