by EZCast Pro | Booth: 13-B155

Local Christian Community Implements EZCast Pro in Sunday Services Sunday is a big day for Christians, meeting brothers and sisters to cultivate deeper connections, and praising the lord, which are both important in connecting the local Christian community.

To make Sunday services more interactive, the New Family Fellowship has adopted live streaming AV system in recent years.

But connecting all the displays via existing wired AV system is not only messy but also troublesome.

Facing the challenges above, the New Family Fellowship was eager to look for a brand-new AV solution to create a multi-screen setup.

“We came across EZCast Pro Dongle II and found this device to be capable of fulfilling all our requirements,” The New Family Fellowship said.

This cutting-edge wireless video solution brings superb 4K casting quality via WiFi protocols, allowing users to instantly migrate from the legacy AV system to the wireless solution.

As a result, no more messy cables during Sunday services.