by CHIAYO | Booth: 3-A120

LEADERS IN PORTABLE PA ▌Pioneer design in the audio industry
APEX EVO is the first mixer to apply control interface with full color touch screen. It can individually control setting two wired microphones, four wireless microphones, three audio inputs and CD / Bluetooth / MP3 volume and a variety of sound effects, such as equalizer, REVERB, and DELAY. Switchable language includes traditional Chinese and English. The languages can be customized on demand. The four wireless microphones and power supply can be stored directly in the clamshell storage box of the amplifier to get rid of storage and managing problems. Its retractable handle and the medical-grade four-inch shock-absorbing TPR wheels allows you to operate wherever you go.
▌Extremely efficient structural design
Efficiently planned internal space of the amplifier that integrates portable accessory box into the body of the amplifier, and store all the wireless microphones and power supply, while retaining the overall attractive appearance.