by designflow | Booth: 14-E125

designflow launches Outsourced Design Shop ISE2020 sees designflows official launch of their new Outsourced Design Shop. This allows integrators to make quick online purchases of design services for entire projects or to fill gaps within a projects design.
There are all the usual designflow outsourced design services available individually to purchase on the web shop. At the same time designflow has chosen to include their popular Site & Engineers Packs as bundles. These bundles simplify the buying process, all you need enter to purchase a Site Pack Bundle is the number of floors in your project. It’s a similar case for the other bundles.
The launch of the Outsourced Design Shop sees the addition of some new bundles: The Cinema Site Pack. This bundle provides all the design & documentation required to install a cinema system, with 1-3 seating rows, with or without fabric walls & acoustic treatment. And the Engineers Panel Bundle, which provides a panel layout & schematic for items such as lighting & blind control panels