by t-WIN Technology Service Inc., | Booth: 15-H125

iMedia We are very glad to announce the latest product release to you Display Media Player, we called iMedia, it owns one high-performance graphics processor which provides dual display channels and supports multiple output interfaces, including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, LVDS, and digital interfaces. iMedia has a 128-bit graphics engine to accelerate graphics displays including front-end color space conversion and back-end YUV color space conversion with scaling. iMedia also supports H.264/MJPEG hardware video decoding. There’s also an option to embed 256MB DDR3 memory into a small 19x19mm package.
iMedia connects to host via USB 3.0 SuperSpeed device interface or PCI-e 2.0 interface and can support different applications, ex: USB display, Thin/Zero client, Signage and Embedded displays. SM768 has an internal USB 2.0 Host/Hub for connecting peripherals such as the keyboard, mouse, network and storage devices. iMedia supports resolution up to 4K UHD or full HD.