by Axis Communications AB | Booth: 1-N137; 5-S135

The network audio market continues to grow Most companies already use cameras to provide protection and safety by utilizing recording of activity, visual documentation and other security measures to protect assets. However, with the addition of network audio, companies can not only see but also speak to those caught on camera.

The combination of audio and video allows users to proactively deter criminals quickly and more efficiently. Take, for example, a critical facility that wants to increase security along its perimeter. A network speaker, triggered by motion detection software in a camera, can play an automatic, pre-recorded message directly to the trespasser.

Another technology that allows for more proactive surveillance is aggression detection. When this software is integrated with a network video surveillance solution, it can recognize aggression by analyzing the increasing volume and tone of speech, as well as detecting fear or duress in a person’s voice.

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