by Famasete | Booth: 8-S376

Famasete launches the first interactive display with Portuguese brand In line with pedagogical principles, Wingsys interactive display features IR and PCAP technology in a variety of sizes, 4K resolution, Android 8.0 and aims to revolutionize the way 21st century teacher and student engage and build knowledge. With a simple and intuitive interface, screen sharing and interaction from any classroom computer to Interactive Display is now possible with Wireless Screen Sharing.
WIP promotes group work and collaborative learning through the use of ik Classroom Management (ikCM) management software, which enables the technological implementation of a classroom adapted to today’s pedagogical challenges. Through monitoring, interaction, control, management and diagnosis tools, it motivates and engages the student’s attention, keeping the focus on meaningful learning processes. Wingsys Interactive Display is intended to assist teachers with a variety of assessments, collaborative resources and control to ensure they can get the most out of their equipment.