by Neets | Booth: 1-M140

Empowering more AV professionals with Neets Project Designer "User-friendliness is a top priority when developing Neets Project Designer – especially the back-end, where users are configuring the control systems’ different functions," says Steen Larsen, Head of Support at Neets.
This custom configuration software has drag ‘n’ drop functionality, enabling integrators to configure every element of an AV installation; from the control functions to the GUI design. All of this can be achieved without any programming, an otherwise scarce skill that can be a bottleneck in most AV projects.

Neets’ aim with Neets Project Designer is to give all stakeholders a better experience. As Michael J. Christensen, Neets CEO explains, "We wish to make AV control system configuration more democratic by empowering more AV professionals to do it. Integrators can now deliver a project to a customer much faster, as more employees can do the job – of course without compromising the quality of the solution."

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