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LIVA A320 Mini PC with powerful AMD Ryzen™ processor, perfect for your light gaming demands The Best Mini PC for Light Gaming
The versatile LIVA SF110-A320 Mini PC is embedded with our lately technologies, its design makes it perfect for light gaming. At the size of a book, the SF110-A320 has a super-small footprint. With such a significant size reduction from regular PC’s, you can have much more flexibility and portability. In addition to the powerful AMD Ryzen™ processing, support for multiple displays, and high-speed USB ports, LIVA SF110-A320 features high upgradability with improved, more up-to-date components. With simple, efficient and tool-free design, it’s easy to upgrade your device—so you can focus on your gaming experience.

Stunning Visuals & Fast Connection
The LIVA SF110-A320 is a perfect fit for light gaming and streaming fanatics. The mini PC is tiny enough to use as home theater system, and capable of streaming 4K video without hiccups. It delivers data transfer speeds up to 2x faster than USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A connections.