by designflow | Booth: 14-E125

designflow creates Outsourced Design Shop following CEDIA Size & Scope Report For ISE 2020 designflow will launch their new Outsourced Design Shop, allowing integrators to make quick online purchases of design services, for entire projects or to fill gaps in a projects design.
designflow created the Outsourced Design Shop following findings in the last edition of the CEDIA Size and Scope Report. In the business sentiment section of this report the single biggest challenge facing integrators was found to be staff recruitment & retention. This is seen as twice the threat as the next biggest challenge, DIY integration products.
Leading on from this were findings by Entrepreneur that in the current economic climate, outsourcing is key to building rapid but stable growth. They also found that best practice in outsourcing is to outsource where specialised knowledge is lacking in-house but avoid outsourcing core competences. It also found that it was key to ensure the company chosen to outsource to should be aligned & adhere to similar business values to your own