by Taylorleds | Booth: 8-E473

Wafer Breeze Series The Wafer Breeze (WB) series is created with the end user in mind. These are built in 2 or 3 module wide. This configuration can easily create any screen size needed. The 3+2 configuration allows for efficiency and cost savings. The three module panels contains all the technology and the two module panels join without additional technology as it “piggy-backs” on the three module panels. These panels can be installed in the horizontal or vertical orientation.

Custom 90° frames can easily be added to the standard WB panels to create any corner horizontally and vertically. Easily wrap any wall, column or create free standing walls. Modify any existing WB flat wall into a corner or cube screen by adding 90° frames.

The WB has built in curving system for quick concave screens. The Taylorleds Fast Adjustment System (TFAS) is a two-screw system in which there is one screw to secure the curve and the other to tighten the screen together for a seamless curve.