by Lumens Digital Optics Inc. | Booth: 11-F120

Lumens PTZ IP Camera Help Facilitate Interpreters’ Programs at the 2019 G20 Summit As multiple languages are spoken in one meeting, simultaneous interpretation plays a big role in the G20 Summit ensuring smooth communication. To ensure the best work conditions for the interpreters, the host of the G20 Summit installed 20 VC-A50P cameras and paired the IP camera controller VS-KB30 to capture the speaker’s movement and live stream videos to the interpreter’s screen, which is able to improve the language accuracy in real-time.
Lumens VC-A50P PTZ camera was chosen due to its outstanding capability. The cameras were easy to install, supports PoE for long-distance image/sound transmission and offer a nice image quality. The newly released IP camera controller also satisfies the need for control in order to broadcast the videos, stated Hideki Utsugi, Manager of Network Solution Business Unit, MTC Japan. In addition, the VC-A50P is compatible with the selected conference and discussion system for the event.