by Audiocenter | Booth: 7-E240

AUDIOCENTER ARTIST  SERIES The ARTIST series is a new option for Premium installation solutions, where the innovative design and high SPL are the two main targets.
The ARTIST is not just a loudspeaker to use in fix installation for background music, with all this series you can also have solutions as Line Arrays or column speakers.
We offer a complete environment solution through an Audio Matrix 8input and 8output (TD88), Multi 4 and 8 channel amplifiers (T4800 and T8800) and a big family of loudspeaker solutions (T3, T4, T6, T8, T83 and T65).
The ARTIST series also offer to the market a great Line Array solution (T45 DSP and T115S DSP) which you can use for installations as theaters, ballrooms or music halls, but also you can use for rental companies, DJ or touring applications.