by Ashton Bentley Collaboration Spaces | Booth: 14-N100,14-N110,14-P110

Design your AV Room System in a few minutes Why should it be so difficult to design your meeting room? Consultants, Specifiers, Systems Integrators, Builders, Facilities all suck the life out of the process. Probably taking weeks, if not months, to deliver and most likely not actually giving you the result you had hoped for. Oh, and yes probably expensive, with complex user manual and lengthy SLA for support.

Sound familiar??

It shouldn’t be this way. As part of a growing array of tools designed to make specifying and designing a meeting space simple, Ashton Bentley launch their online Space Configurator.

This new tool is available to anyone and allows users to quickly select Ashton Bentley components and configure a system, tailoring it to their individual requirements.

Systems with all AV equipment required (yes everything!) along with matched technology enabled tables.

The configurator will provide a technical overview of what’s been specified.