by FORTES interactive, s.r.o. | Booth: 8-G363

Anti-Glare vs Anti-Reflective FORTES interactive offers touch screens with various surface treatments, which improve the overall touch experience. Two of those treatments are often confused for each other because they solve the same problem.

The purpose of the Anti-Glare and Anti-Reflective screen is to enhance the readibility of the devices, primarily under direct sunlight. The difference between those solutions lies in the mechanism they use.
The anti-glare touch screen utilizes the diffusion mechanism to break up the reflection. Diffusion works by decreasing the clarity of the image that is reflected on the screen, making this undesired image unfocused to the user’s eye. The anti-reflective touch-screen takes into account both internal and external light sources, and decrease the reflection by bending the light through the objects.
If you are not sure which surface treatment fits your device better, you can visit us at our stand in Hall 8, booth G363 where you can try both types of the screen!